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Gira pushbutton sensor 4. More control over your KNX System.

Published on 21 Jun 2021 learn
Gira PushButton Sensor 4 montage

The pushbutton sensor 4 is evidence that even switches can be versatile. An elegant, minimalist surface conceals smart technology beneath, which allows you to control different functions in your KNX system, such as blinds and lighting.

Did you know: The pushbutton sensor also has an integrated temperature and humidity sensor, as well as a connection for an external sensor which can be used to connect a floor temperature probe

Why does this matter: While most keypads now come with a temperature sensor as standard, the addition of a humidity sensor is a new innovation.

It can be used as part of the climate control solution to provide a much better representation of the comfort temperature in the room.

  Available in versions with two, four or eight separately freely assignable buttons.
It is user friendly and extremely functional, giving the occupant complete control of their lights, blinds, scenes and more.
There are now even more high quality materials and finish options to suit every homes' interior. You can even inscribe the buttons with icons or labels.

View the Gira Pushbutton 4 range online now here.

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