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VOXNET - The Sonos alternative for discerning integrators

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The Revox Voxnet system provides user-centric operation. Enter a room and select your name from a keypad on the wall. Your own personal choice of music then follows you from room to room, whichever part of the house you are in. Your music is played in the rooms of your choosing, fully synchronised and in immaculate CD quality. Using the power of Ethernet, Voxnet offers a perfect mobile sound experience - the premier class multi-user system.

Voxnet provides several distinct advantages over the typical Sonos setup for a System Integrator. 

  • It is a much higher performance product with extremely low latency and full CD audio quality synchronised across up to 64 rooms.
  • Full control via KNX
  • Gira System 55 keypads that provide full control and come in a huge range of finishes.
  • Configurable scenes and alarms / timers.
  • 19" rack and wall mounting adaptors
  • Limited availability only via Ivory Egg trained and approved integrators.
  • Complete user permission control. Which users have access to which source and in which room.
  • Hi-Resolution audio up to 192kHz / 24bit
  • Built-in DSP including presets for all Revox speakers so the optimum sound balance can be simply be selected at setup.
  • All local sources are available anywhere in the home
  • Internet Radio
  • Add a CD player for easy CD playback anywhere in the home
  • Server playback or mp3, FLAC and WAV files
  • Fully documented IP control protocol which can be used by any 3rd party device such as Control 4 or Crestron.
  • Revox audio heritage

We are currently taking requests to become a Revox Voxnet integrator. If your business needs a higher performance audio offering then get in touch with Sam Pound-Jones on sam@ivoryegg.co.uk or 01243 572 700 and find out more.