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COVID-19 Update - Changes to our service offering

With increasing restriction on public movements and supply routes being prioritised for essential supplies, we are making some changes to our service offering to ensure we are able to continue supporting our customers whilst limiting the strain on already overstretched services. 

From the 27th of March we will be assessing orders on a case by case basis and prioritising those that relate to the functioning of existing systems. Where ordered items aren't in stock we will look to offer alternatives from stock. We will also be having discussions with customers around payment terms to ensure everyone in the supply chain is protected as much as possible during this quickly evolving situation. 

As we expect larger project orders to become increasingly difficult to procure over the coming weeks, we are working closely with our suppliers to ensure your orders will be shipped as quickly as possible once restrictions are eased. 

To protect our customers and warehouse staff we are only shipping orders, with no local collection available. We have also initiated a policy of only having one member of staff on premises on any given day and the rest of the team working from home. 

Over the next few weeks we aim to remain open to ensure we can support customers with any urgent enquiries and will remain available to provide technical support if needed. We will also be continuing to publish new videos and content.  Check out the Ivory Egg YouTube channel for some new videos covering recent product releases and if you're interested in finding out more about what KNX can offer, we have a series of webinars coming up with Voltimum.  

We trust everyone is taking heed of the restrictions imposed by the Government and doing their bit to stop the spread of COVID 19. We will continue to monitor the situation and assess daily the best approach to support our staff and customers, and ensure we are all able to return to normal as quickly as possible after this difficult time has passed.