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Gira update the Door Communication System - L+B 2018

At Light + Building 2108, Gira showcased some major updates to their Door Communication System (DCS). 

The first update is a brand new Mobile App that works in conjunction with the DCS IP Gateway. Available from August this App provides a secure interface to see who is at the door when you are away from home and allow access if required. Notifications are also supported even when the app isn't running. Once released a firmware update will be available for existing IP Gateways  as it doesn't use any of the user licences it will be easy to upgrade installed systems. 

DCS configured with GPA
GPA Software for commissioning DCS

A brand new IP interface is also being released which allows all the commissioning of the DCS system to be completed from the Gira Project Assistant (GPA) Software. This will make commissioning significantly faster and as it also allow you to upload from existing systems, its a great tool for maintenance. The IP Interface can also be left in the system to provide a connection to the X1 KNX Sever allowing actions on either the KNX installation or the DCS trigger each other. As both systems are configured using GPA, the logic for interfacing the two systems will be extremely easy to configure. The new IP interface will be released in July.

A new finish has been added to the 106 range, Stainless steel V4A. This is a marine grade stainless steel so ideal for external entry units that are exposed to particularly harsh environment such as coastal environments. It also means the 106 components can now be used in with the RENZ range of postboxes and mounting solutions.

Fingerprint Reader in Matt Black
Fingerprint Reader in Matt Black

After some upgrades the fingerprint sensor is back. Integrating into TX44 or system 55 frames, the reader is very easy to configure as it is set up with the need for a PC program. It can either be used as a standalone device or integrated into a wider DCS system and is available now.

Gira have also released a new planning tool for designing DCS projects. Via www.dcsconfigurator.gira.com you can select which external and internal units you want in the system then the software will automatically calculate the system devices you need plus generate a parts list.

With all these updates and new tools the Gira Door Communication System is now easier than ever to design, commission and support plus the added features for the end user, will make the system much easier to use. 

Get in touch with the sales team to find out more about the Gira DCS and these exciting updates. 

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