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New KNX Training Program for 2019

Following the release of the KNX Association’s update to the standardised KNX Basic and Advanced Courses, we have taken the opportunity to refresh our training program including introducing a brand new course developed specifically for the UK integrator.

New Sales & Specification Course

Developed exclusively by us at Ivory Egg, the primary aim of this new Sales & Specification Course is to make winning and designing your first project easier and more productive.  

A wide range of topics are covered in this convenient one-day course, including constructive methods for selling KNX systems, what information is required to know and relay to other parts in the building process, alongside the correct product specifications when facilitating a residential KNX system. 

The new Sales & Specification Course is designed to be run in parallel with the KNX Basic Course, yet is suitable for anyone looking to sell, quote or design KNX projects quickly and/or autonomously. 

KNX Basic reintroduced

After the success of the split Technician and Partner courses, we have decided to return to the standard format of the KNX Basic Course, following the much needed changes by the KNX Association. These changes recognise that some of the content was better suited to the advanced course, which means the Basic course is now more focused on key skills and programming. We are running the course over 4 days instead of 5, ensuring as little time is spent away from work as possible. 

A recognised industry standard, completion of the KNX Basic course allows you to become a KNX Partner and this course is perfectly suited to integrators and electricians looking to develop their KNX skills and market reach.

Updates to the KNX Heating Course

In addition to the new Sales & Specification course, we have also updated our Heating Course. Unlike other KNX heating courses, this training program has been created specifically for the UK market and covers the systems you will typically find on a British project. This course focuses on how a KNX heating system works, which products to specify and most importantly, how to configure them. 

Our new Heating Course also encompasses information about the control of cooling systems and more advanced BMS solutions for intelligent building management. Offering a comprehensive understanding of what can be controlled, you will be able to confidently adapt to demanding situations, typical of real word projects. 

Dates set for the KNX Advanced Course

The last step in the program is the Advanced course, suitable for KNX Partners who are looking to further develop their skills. Taking a deeper look at how KNX works, this course includes how to integrate KNX with advanced systems like DALI, BMS and Logic. It also takes a more in-depth look at how KNX works including IP communication and the exciting KNX Secure solution which makes KNX a market leader in encrypted building automation.  Completing this course will enable an integrator to join an elite few worldwide who have updated their KNX Partner status to Advanced.

Mark Warburton, Technical Director here at Ivory Egg, says ‘We are incredibly excited to launch these new courses for 2019, along with the recently updated KNX Basic and Advanced courses. Finding new ways to share the knowledge and resources we have built up over 15 years is one of our key focuses for the future, so it’s great to be able to introduce integrators to new courses and content. By supporting integrators with focused courses alongside the standard KNX courses, we believe they will be able to win more projects and deliver them quicker”

For more in-depth information or to discuss your training requirements then please get in touch with us.