Product Guide

Theben Valve Adaptors for Motorised Valves and Electrothermal Actuators

Alpha 5 230v Actuator

Theben have a range of adaptors that ensure the radiator valve actuators and manifold valve actuators will fit onto any valve. The motorised Cheops Drive (7319200) and Cheops Control (7329201) are supplied with the valve adaptors VA10 and VA78, which work with the majority of valves installed on radiators. The VA80 is available as an extra part; this fits the majority of valves not covered by the VA10 and VA78.

An extensive range of additional adaptors are available, these can be seen in the valve compatibility chart. Most are ordered direct from the manufacturer on request, and therefore important to enquire for lead times and availability. 

The electrothermal manifold valve heads, Alpha 5 24V (9070442) and Alpha 5 230V (9070441), are supplied without any valve adaptors as they are designed to clip onto most manifolds. However, they are compatible with all of the available adapters if required.

Theben Valve Adaptor Chart