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Product Spotlight

JUNG March 2020 Product Release News

For more than 100 years, JUNG have been developing products which provide new opportunities for convenient switching and building control.
In Spring 2020 JUNG announced a number of new finishes and updates to existing product ranges to make projects more intelligent, more sustainable and more secure.

New finishes - Matt Graphite Black and Matt Snow White

Two new finishes have been developed for all frame styles in the LS and A Ranges. These two new colours will enhance the already comprehensive JUNG frame ranges. 

The puristic matt snow white finish can be easily integrated into various living styles providing a classic yet special feel.  While the elegant matt graphite black lacquering provides a high-contrast effect in interior design.   

All frame styles and inserts in the LS and A ranges will be available in the new finishes late in 2020.

LS 1912 Toggle Lever with LED

This traditionally styled toggle lever has been given a contemporary update with the addition of an LED indicator lamp.

The LED is located in the toggle lever and enables various possible applications to provide orientation.

Expected to be available from July 2020.

USB charger with A and C type ports

The JUNG USB chargers with USB-A ports are now available in combination with a USB-C port. This enables flexible connection options with an electrical output of 15 watts, such as smartphones, Bluetooth headphones and Smartwatches. 

This solution is for LS and A range frame styles and is currently available in all existing finishes. Matt snow white and matt graphite black are expected to be available from the 3rd quarter of 2020.

KNX Pushbutton F10

The new KNX smart home switch F10 enables extensive options for controlling KNX devices.

Styled to look like a classic light switch the KNX F10 is available in a range of configurations to control all functions, including dimming.  Formats include pushbutton function, rocker function and single or 2-gang.

The function assignment of the new JUNG KNX push-buttons F10 can be completely customised. Their individual switching points can be assigned multiple times thanks to a sophisticated operating system.

The F10 includes a temperature sensor, which will record the room temperature and pass the information on to KNX temperature controllers to regulate heating as desired.

Features of the JUNG KNX Pushbutton F10 include:

  • Integrated bus coupling unit
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • KNX Data Secure
  • Ideal for public buildings and lower cost placements
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Universal version support extension modules
  • Will fit in A, AS, CD & LS ranges

Available from June 2020

Wall Mounted Wireless Keypads

The new JUNG wall mounted keypads can operate lamps and actuators from smart home systems including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Phillips Hue.

They use EnOcean battery-less technology to provide maintenance free operation and provide a unique and stylish way to control IoT products.

The keypads will available in all finishes across the AS 550 and LS 990 ranges from June 2020.

Server Updates

JUNG have updated their servers to provide modern, secure and future proof smart home technology and convenient control.

The JUNG Smart Visu Server and Visu Pro Server can now be integrated with speakers from Google or Amazon which means lights, blinds and music can be controlled using voice through Google Assistant or Alexa.

In addition, the Visu Pro Server version 4.5 update supports KNX Secure to provide double protection. It encrypts the communication in the network to ensure telegrams in the entire building are safe from manipulation and cannot be intercepted.

Version 4.5 of the updates are already available.


JUNG have updated their KNX switch and blind actuators for increased reliability, better energy efficiency and to provide numerous new functions.

The updated actuators are more compact due to having terminals at the bottom and top of the device. 

Features of the new improved actuators include:

  • Available in 6, 16 and 24 channels
  • Maximum functionality and flexibility with extended logic
  • Firmware Upgradable and KNX Secure
  • Can be configured as individual relays or as pairs for blinds
  • All markings are laser inscribed.

Available June 2020

KNX Power Supply with IP interface

The new KNX power supply with IP interface enables more efficient operation on several levels simultaneously.  The combination of power supply and IP interface will make installations easier and more cost effective.

Features of the new KNX power supply with IP interface include:

  • 320mA output with integrated choke
  • Supports KNX Data and IP Secure
  • Bus object for device reset
  • Electrical separation between KNX and IP network
  • 8 tunnelling connections
  • 6 modules wide

The KNX power supply with IP interface is already available.

IPS Remote Access

The IPS remote makes it possible for a system integrator to remotely maintain and programme all the KNX components in a building. A solution which is convenient for the engineer and cost effective for the building owner.

To control buildings remotely using IPS remote access you will require the following: The ETS app IPS-Remote, the IP interface IPS 300 SREG and the remote maintenance licence IPS-L bound to this interface.

The software license update will be available from June 2020.

For more details on these updates contact the Ivory Egg sales team or check out this Technical Briefing 

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