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Deseo Cresnet/KNX RTR front - satin white
BASALTE 0311-04

Deseo Cresnet/KNX RTR front - satin white

Product code: 0311-04
The Deseo RTR for Crestron and KNX RTR is designed to control HVAC in one single room in a very simple and intuitive way. With one single touch, it is possible to adjust the setpoint, fan speed and temperature modes. Deseo RTR also has an integrated temperature and humidity sensor.
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The Deseo for Crestron is made especially to connect with the Cresnet bus and is simple to set up and use. 

It has four touch sensitive fields, the UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT buttons. The UP and DOWN buttons control the temperature set point, and when used as multitouch these will turn the lights on and off.

The LEFT button controls the fan speed, and the RIGHT button controls the Air conditioning, in both heating and cooling.

Technical Details


As this is just the front plate either the Cresnet insert or KNX RTR Insert will also be required.



Technology KNX
Colour/Material White
Design range BASALTE Aluminium
Finish Satin White
Switch action Capacitive Touch
Mounting Flush
Display OLED
Back Box Round European
HVAC support Temperature Sensing + Regulation
Buscoupler Not Included
IP rating IP20

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