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KNX blinds actuator, 4-gang AC 110-230 V, 2-gang DC 12-48 V

KNX blinds actuator, 4-gang AC 110-230 V, 2-gang DC 12-48 V

Product code: 2514REGHE
Blind actuator that can be configured for 4 x 230V blinds or 2 x 12-48VDC blind. Current detection to establish end stops.
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Intended use

  • Switching of electrically driven blinds, shutters, awnings and similar hangings for AC 110-230 V mains voltage or DC 12-48 V extra-low voltage.
  • Mounting on DIN rail in distribution boxes

Product characteristics

  • Suitable for 110-230 V AC motors and 12-48 V DC motors
  • Automatic operation time detection for 230 V motors can be set
  • Slat position directly controllable
  • Acknowledgement of travelling state and slat position in bus and manual mode
  • Light scene function
  • Top and bottom forced position via higher-level controller
  • Sun protection function

Only with the ETS 3.0d version or later versions the full functionality will be available.

Blind/shutter correction for lower end position (e.g. for ventilation position for roller blinds)

Technical Details


Outputs: 4 channels AC 110 ... 230 V, 2 channels DC 12 ... 48 V

Power supply mains: AC 110 V (_10 %) ... 240 V (+10 %)

Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz


  • Connection mode: screw terminals
  • single wire: 0.5 ... 4 mm_
  • stranded without ferrule: 0.5 ... 4 mm_
  • stranded with ferrule: 0.5 ... 2.5 mm_

Breaking capacity AC1: 6 A (230 V)

Switching current DC 12/24 V: 6 A

Switching current DC 48 V: 3 A

Max. blind/shutter running time: 20 min

Power loss: max. 4.5 W

Ambient temperature: _5 ... +45 ¡C

Storing temperature: _25 ... +70 ¡C

Approvals: VDE



Technology KNX
Brand JUNG
Mounting DIN Rail
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
Outputs 4
Mounting Width 4MW

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