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KNX RF pushbutton sensor, System 55, 1-gang
GIRA 510100

KNX RF pushbutton sensor, System 55, 1-gang

Product code: 5101 00
The KNX RF touch sensors transmit KNX telegrams wirelessly when the button is pressed, depending on the parameter settings when the application program is loaded. These could be e.g. telegrams for switching/pressing, for dimming or blinds control. It is also possible to program encoder functions (dimming encoders and scene auxiliary units).
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The KNX RF push-button sensor has 2 buttons that form as 1 rocker. The function of a rocker switch can be configured individually in ETS. Each rocker switch has its own KNX communication objects and can therefore actuate KNX actuator groups separately.

The device has two LEDs on each button for indicating actuation and status (red and green). This makes it possible to indicate successful operation and transmission processes. The bidirectional communication also makes it possible to temporarily indicate states of the KNX actuator immediately after an operation by means of the LED. For this purpose, the device has separate status communication objects. 

The activation or status evaluation of cabled KNX systems (Medium TP) can be implemented using an media coupler, which is available as an accessory. Additionally or alternatively, suitable KNX RF actuators can be activated and evaluated directly by the KNX RF push-button sensor.

After the last operation, the KNX RF push-button sensor automatically switches to energy- saving mode after a specified time has elapsed. In energy-saving mode, all LEDs remain switched off. During operation, the energy saving mode is exited. The device then executes the programmed button commands. 

The device is commissioned using the ETS of Version 5 or higher. Programming mode is activated by a separate programming button, located behind the lower rocker cover. An active programming mode is displayed by the illumination of the right red LED of rocker switch 1 (for 1-gang device variant) or rocker switch 2 (for 3-gang variant). 

The radio range of the KNX RF push-button sensor depends on various external circumstances. The range can be optimised by selecting a suitable operating location (communication to the receiver with as few obstacles as possible). The device meets the requirements of the R&TTE directive 1999/5/EC and may be operated in all EU and EFTA countries.

Technical Details



  • Rated voltage: DC 3 V
  • Battery type: 1×Lithium CR 2450N
  • Ambient temperature: -5 ... +45 °C
  • Degree of protection: IP 20
  • Relative humidity: max. 80 % (No moisture condensation)


  • KNX medium: RF1.R
  • Commissioning mode: S-mode
  • Radio frequency:  868.3 MHz
  • Transmitting power: 20 mW
  • Transmitting range in free field: typ. 100 m

Accepts standard KNX rocker covers



Technology KNX
Brand GIRA
Design range GIRA System 55
Switch action Push Button
Buttons 2
Operating voltage Battery
Status LED's Red
EAN 4010337017240

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