System 106 Door station module 316 grade Stainless Steel
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  • Gir5565924
  • Gir5565924
GIRA 5565924

System 106 Door station module 316 grade Stainless Steel

Product code: 5565 924
The Gira System 106 is a modular door station solution. All the functions are presented in harmonius overall appearance, from the call button module, intercom module and camera module, up to the info and blank modules.

316 grade Stainless Steel (V4A)

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- Compact intercom module with integrated call button for communication between indoors and outdoors
- Utilises a high-quality microphone and weather-resistant speaker to ensure clear communication
- Power is supplied via a 2-wire bus. Additional connector for AS (e.g. required for three or more camera modules)
- All other System 106 modules, except the door station moduke, are powered via the intercom module

This finish is made from a marine grade stainless steel (316) so ideal for external entry units that are exposed to particularly harsh environments such as at coastal locations. It also means the 106 components can now be used in with the RENZ range of postboxes and mounting solutions.

Technical Details


Power Supply
- System: Flat ribbon cable, 10-pole
- 2-wire bus: via control device or via AS (DC 24 V 300 mA)

Power Consumption
- Maximum: 1W
- Stand-by mode: 200mW

- 2-wire bus: 1 x plug terminal
- AS: 1 x plug terminal
- System: 2 x connector strip
- Video (analogue): 1 x connector strip

Ambient temperature: -25 ¡C to +70 ¡C

Protection class: IP54



Technology Door Comms
Brand GIRA
Design range GIRA System 106
Finish Stainless Steel 316
IP rating IP54

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