Eve kit and rounded cover for iPod touch - aluminium
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BASALTE 064001-061002

Eve kit and rounded cover for iPod touch - aluminium

Product code: 064001-061002
Basalte eve embraces the iPod Touch, turning it into a functional wall mounted touch screen. It complements the iPod, respecting its pure design without hiding it.

This pack contains everything you need to get started with the Eve iPod mounting system, including a frame, end cover and Puck USB device

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The Eve frame is easily mounted on the wall. The complete product is only 3mm larger than then iPod Touch itself. It allows permanent mounting of the iPod Touch on the wall, held securely thanks to a small lip and magnetic fixings.

A perfect alternative to a traditional touch screen which can be overpowering in a modern interior. It can be used in conjunction with the Apple iPod Touch charger, and does not need to be removed for charging.

Eve can be installed in either a portrait or landscape orientation.

Technical Details



Technology Accessory
Design range BASALTE Eve
Frame finish Aluminium
Mounting Surface
Back Box Round European

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