ThermoX Installation housing for LED luminaires
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KAISER 9320-11

ThermoX Installation housing for LED luminaires

Product code: 9320-11
Superb air-tight housing for LED downlights.
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ThermoX® LED installation housing for the airtight installation of rigid and pivoting LED built-in luminaires in different ceiling constructions. The housing protects the surrounding material (vapour barrier foil, insulation etc.) against the high operating temperatures and the LED luminairesthemselves from contamination, and creates an airtight separation. In combination with the thermal separation between luminaire and operating device, in this way a maximum operating lifetime is obtained.

Technical Details


  • for rigid and pivoting LED luminaires
  • circumferential airtight sealing lip
  • Swivel trough for alignment of the luminaire
  • For installation in insulated hollow ceilings
  • Retrofitting from underneath
  • Toolless installation of the housing
  • Guarantees airtight installation
  • Rear surface structure ensures optimal heat management
  • Permanent and secure retention of the luminaire in the housing




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