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LB Management A/AS range, Standard automatic switch 1.1 m, mocha

LB Management A/AS range, Standard automatic switch 1.1 m, mocha

Product code: A17180MO
For LB Management inserts "light" ref.-no.: 1701 SE, 1704 ESE, 1702 SE, 1710 DE, 1711 DE, 1713 DSTE, 1723 NE, 1708 IE
Price (Excluding VAT)


Intended use

  • Automatic switching of lighting depending on the thermal movement and ambient brightness
  • Operation with flush-mounted insert for switching or dimming or satellite insert 3-wire of the LB Management
  • Wall installation on flush-mounted insert

Product Characteristics

  • Functions directly via cover
  • Extension of the detection area in combination with 3-wire satellite insert
  • Continuous on, Continuous off
  • Operation with 2-wire or 3-wire satellite insert, rotary satellite insert or push-button
  • Dimming insert can be dimmed via satellite insert
  • Resetting to factory setting
  • Screen for limiting the detection area
  • Functions via Clever Config App
  • Brightness threshold adjustable
  • Adjustment of the sensitivity of the PIR sensors
  • Run-on time adjustable
  • Continuous on, Continuous off
  • On or Off for 0.5 - 5 hours
  • Switch-off warning
  • Dynamic run-on time
  • Presence simulation
  • Alarm function
  • Timer function
  • Operating lock
  • Reduced basic sensitivity
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover
  • Test operation
  • Programming of up to 16 individual switching times

In combination with a switch insert

  • Short-time operation

In combination with a dimmer insert

  • Switch-on with last brightness or saved switch-on brightness
  • Adjusting the minimum brightness
  • Adjusting the maximum brightness
  • Hotel function
  • Night light function

Technical Details


Ambient temperature: _20 ... +45 ¡C
Storage/transport temperature: _25 ... +70 ¡C
Brightness setting: approx. 5 ... 500 lx (and daytime operation)
Sensitivity: 0, 25, 50, 75, 100 %
Shut-off delay: approx. 10 s ... 60 min
Mounting height: 1.10 m
Detection angle: 180¡

Detection range
    Sensitivity 25 %: max. 8 m
    Sensitivity 50 %: max. 13 m
    Sensitivity 75 %: max. 26 m
    Sensitivity 100 %: max. 32 m

Radio frequency: 2.402 ... 2.480 GHz
Transmitting power: max. 2.5 mW (class 2)
Transmission range: typical 10 m



Technology 230VAC
Brand JUNG
Colour/Material Brown
Design range Jung LB Management
Frame style Jung A/AS
Buscoupler Not Included

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