Millenium 6124/08-981-500/AMD70053-AN Room Thermostat Controller
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ABB 6124//08-981-500

Millenium 6124/08-981-500/AMD70053-AN Room Thermostat Controller

Product code: 613400309
The room temperature controller is part of the Millenium KNX sensor program. The device is equipped with an integrated bus coupler. The room temperature controller senses the current room temperature and regulates the heating or cooling. The device also serves to control two-/four-pipe systems (2-/4-pipe fan coil units) and conventional air-conditioning units. Additionally, further switch-control telegrams can be sent to KNX actuators to activate a connected ventilation fan. The fan speed level can also be selected manually via a buttons (forced operation). It can function in the operating modes "heating/cooling", "only heating" and "only cooling". For operation and display, the room temperature controller is equipped with push-buttons and a rotary control element. An LCD display serves to indicate the current operating states and values. Requires Mounting Frame and Frame supplied as a separate part.
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Special Features

  • Function illumination
  • Freely programmable
  • Day / night switchover of the LEDs 


  • Set / actual temperature
  • Comfort / standby
  • Night operation
  • Frost protection
  • Heat protection
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Fan control
  • Logic functions

General Functions

  • Light scene actuator
  • Sequence
  • Logic
  • Delay
  • Staircase lighting
  • Preset
  • Cyclic telegram
  • Flashing
  • Gate
  • Min/max value transducer
  • Threshold value / hysteresis
  • PWM inverter
  • Priority 

Technical Details


  • Operating Voltage: 24VDC Via KNX Bus
  • Bus Current Consumption: 12mA



Brand ABB
Technology KNX
Design range ABB Millenium
Insert finish Anthracite
Switch action Push Button
Mounting Flush
Back Box Square UK
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temperature Sensing + Regulation
Status LED's None
Buscoupler Integrated

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