CLEARANCE ITEM - Universal Dim Actuator, 4-fold, 210 VA, MDRC
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ABB 6197/12-101-500

CLEARANCE ITEM - Universal Dim Actuator, 4-fold, 210 VA, MDRC

Product code: 6197/12-101-500
CLEARANCE ITEM - The amount of stock listed is all we have of these clearance items, once these have run out we will not be able to supply any more. If you order more than is available we will cancel the additional amount and refund you accordingly. Clearance items can be returned within 14 days of purchase, outside of this we will only accept returns if the item becomes faulty within 6 Months.

4 Channel universal dimming actuator for controlling incandescent lamps, 230 V incandescent halogen lamps, low-voltage halogen lamps with conventional or electronic transformers, and dimmable energy-saving halogen lamps. Optimised for dimming of Philips retrofit LEDs (LEDi).

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At the point of delivery the dimming actuator has 4 individual pre-programmed channels. If a group formation is required for a load increase, it must be carried out with the Power-Tool commissioning software.

The universal dimming actuator detects the connected load automatically after the mains voltage is supplied. If problems arise, the operating mode can  be changed individually for each channel via the Power-Tool commissioning software. After a power failure the dimming actuator returns to the parameterised settings.

During initial commissioning and prior to connection, the device can be operated manually via the local control without the KNX bus.

Status indication of the channels via LED and Direct manual operation with / without KNX voltage connected or in an un-programmed status is possible.

The additional power-tool  software is required for commissioning which includes the option to use 10 logic channels (light scene actuator, sequence actuator, logic gates, etc.) along with advanced copy and paste functions.

Compatibility Guide for Philips LEDi Lamps.

Technical Details


  • Operating Voltage: 230VAC 50/60HZ
  • Power Consumption: 1.0-1.5W
  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption:
  • Outputs: 4
  • Output Rated Voltage: 230VAC (50/60 Hz)
  • Dimming Load: 4 x 210W, 2 x 420W, 1 x 840W
  • Minimum Load Per Channel: 10W 
  • Recommended Dimming Capacity LED'S: 41W



Technology KNX
Brand ABB
Mounting DIN Rail
Mounting DIN Rail
Operating voltage 230VAC
Outputs 4
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 8MW
EAN 40 11395 16366

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