Indoor Audio St. Insert
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ABB 83200 U-500

Indoor Audio St. Insert

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Speaker and Display modules

For uniform optics in every room. The station has a hands-free function, full duplex and suppression of noise interference for a clear sound.

Communication, door release, mute function and hall light are controlled via the cover plate of the display.
As a comprehensive system the ABB-Welcome indoor audio station with display makes it possible to harmoniously match the door communication with light switches and socket outlets.

Suitable for all surroundings and the various frames of the Busch-Jaeger switch ranges carat, solo, Busch-axcent, future linear, Reflex SI / SI Linear and Busch-Duro 2000 SI / SI Linear. In this way stylish concepts can be easily created without compromise.

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Brand ABB
Technology Door Comms