CT PRO XT 60/5A with SELV Current Transformer
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CT PRO XT 60/5A with SELV Current Transformer

Product code: 2CSG225865R1101
Solid core current transformer rated at 60A on the primary and 5A on the secondary side. The CT PRO XT current transformers are designed for cables up to 18 mm in diameter, and primary busbars with dimensions up to 20 x 10 mm. Suitable for use with ABB EQ meters including the A and B series. Supplied with accessories for primary cable, primary busbar, DIN rail and wall-mounting installations. For connection of the secondary cable either screw terminal or screwless terminals are available.
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The CT PRO XT range of current transformers have been specially designed for easy and safe switchboard installation, testing and maintenance operations thanks to the compact size of the products and their flexible assembly system. Moreover, the integrated electronic protection circuit in the CT PRO XT SELV version guarantees protection against risks deriving from no-load operation of the secondary. 

The new electronic circuit for automatic protection of the secondary terminals is the ideal solution when the safety level of the installation needs to be maximised. It guarantees protection against hazardous circumstances that occur when the secondary terminals of current transformer accidentally open (risk of direct or indirect contact with persons or devices, risk of over heating and/or fire outbreaks), as well as in applications where operational continuity is of fundamental importance. 

Technical Details


  • Standard secondary current: 5A
  • Max. voltage for operation: 1.2kV
  • Test voltage: 3kV at 50 Hz/1min
  • Residual current voltage at secondary terminals when security circuit intervenes (only SELV versions):<25V ms
  • Short circuit rated thermal current: 40 for 1 sec
  • Short circuit rated dynamic current: 2.5 for 1 sec
  • Permanent overload: 1.2
  • Safety factor: from ≤ 2 to ≤ 10 depending on the type and capacity 
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Air insulation E class: Class E
  • Housing: Self-extinguishing thermoplastic resin V0 
  • Protection degree: IP30
  • Operating temperature: -5 ... +50°C  
  • Max. temperature on bars: 70°C
  • Storage temperature: -20 ... +50°C
  • Relative humidity: 80%
  • Reference standard: IEC EN 60044-1, IEC EN 61010-1
  • Secondary protection circuit reference standards (only SELV versions): IEC 60364; IEC 473.1.4; IEC 556.3; CEI 64-8-4; CEI 411.1.4.3; CEI 411.5.2 - CEI 411.2 - CEI 473.1.4 - CEI 473.2.3 



Technology Standard Electrics
Brand ABB
IP rating IP30

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