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Blower / Fan Coil Actuator 1-fold MDRC

Blower / Fan Coil Actuator 1-fold MDRC

Product code: 2CDG110077R0011
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Blower / Fan Coil Actuator, 1-fold, 6 A, MDRC Carry:

Controls a 3-step fan. Immediate or stepped switching of fan speed is possible.

Safe switching with programmable switch-over delay is realised.

The unused output can be used with control of a valve for switching an electrical load. Here the 2-wire fan coil systems with one heating or cooling circuit, or with an alternating heating/cooling circuit can be controlled via the ABB i-bus EIB / KNX. Separate objects are available for the valve control so that control is possible via an electronic switch actuator or a higher power switch actuator depending on the requirements.

Enhanced comfort with 4 operating modes frost / heat protection, night time operating, comfort and standby mode can be set for the fan and valve.

The following functions are possible with just a single application program:

- 3-step Blower control plus switch output

- Control of 2-wire fan coil systems with 3-step Blower and a valve.

The following objects are available in the EIB / KNX as control values

- three 1-bit objects for manual control of the Blower

- one 1-bit object for manual up/down control switching of a Blower step

- one or two 1-byte objects for heating and/or cooling control values

An object can be enabled if necessary for central switching of

the fan or a heating/cooling object can be enabled for receiving the heating cooling.

Outputs 3 outputs for a fan group

1 output for valve or thermal valves

or electrical loads

Rated current 6 A

Switching capacity

DIN EN 60 947-4-1 6 A/AC1; 6 A/AC3 (at 230 V AC)

DIN EN 60 669 6 A, max. capacitive load 35 Ω


Load current circuit Screw terminals

EIB / KNX Screwless bus connection terminal

Type of protection IP 20, DIN EN 60 529

Installation On 35 mm mounting rail, DIN EN 60 715

Width 2 modules at 18 mm


Type LFA/S 1.1

Technical Details



Brand ABB
EAN 40 16779 65546

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