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KNX analogue input extension module, 4-gang

KNX analogue input extension module, 4-gang

Product code: 2214REGAM
Extension module for the 2214 Reg - used to connects generic devices such as pressure or air quality sensors with an analouge output to a KNX system.
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The analogue input extension module provides a KNX analogue input 2214 REG A with four additional sensor inputs. The evaluation of the measured data and the limiting values will be handled by the connected KNX device.

The analogue input extension module evaluates voltage and current signals.

  • Voltage signals: 0 ... 1 V DC 0 ... 10 V DC
  • Current signals: 0 ... 20 mA DC 4 ... 20 mA DC

Technical Details


External supply
    Voltage: AC 24 V ~ ± 15 %
    Current consumption: max. 170 mA (incl. sensors)

Analogue inputs: 4

Measuring ranges per channel
    Voltage: 0 ... 1 V, 0 ... 5 V, 0 ... 10 V (DC) Impedance approx. 18 kΩ
    Current: 0 ... 20 mA, 4 ... 20 mA. Impedance approx. 100 kΩ

A/D converter: 14 Bit
Power supply for sensors: DC 24 V max. 100 mA



Technology KNX
Brand JUNG
Mounting DIN Rail
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
Mounting Width 4MW

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