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SK01-T-ETF2  50mm  Discontinued
ARCUS 30101020

SK01-T-ETF2 50mm Discontinued

Product code: 30101020
The KNX-Sensor Temperature SK01-T-ETF2 with the probe is used for temperature detection of fluid and gaseous media in piping and tubes. The integrated KNX bus coupler does not need additional auxiliary supply.
Price (Excluding VAT)


    The transducer with the bus coupler is enclosed in a durable, sealed, glass ball-reinforced plastic casing which fulfils protection degree IP65.

    In the application software, the default controller types (increase / decrease), RTR (relative / absolute) with the settings (PI-continuous / switched) and two-point are available.

  • Additional functions like frost alarm, limits for temperature readings, minimum / maximum value and a tracking control are included.

  • In piping systems, in heating technology
  • In storage tanks and district heating stations
  • In hot and cold water installations
  • In oil and lubrication cycle systems
  • In industrywide machine, apparatus and plant construction
  • General monitoring and control of temperatures
  • Monitoring and control of temperatures for heating and cooling purposes and for logging
  • Decentralised control for constant KNX-Valves or electro-thermal valves
  • Storing the maximum and minimum values
  • Room temperature controller with options Comfort / Standby / Night / Frost Protection
  • Direct set point presetting and display of actual values via the KNX bus

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 10mA
  • Measurement: Temperature
  • Temperature Range:: -30 .. 150 C
  • Accuracy:: +/- 0.3 C
  • Resolution:: +/- 0.01 C
  • Temperature Sensor: PT1000, Screw In / Immersion Probe- V4a Stainless Steel; Max Pressure 40 bar
  • Probe Size: G 1/2", 50mm Other lengths Available on request



Technology KNX
Mounting Surface
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temperature Sensing + Regulation
IP rating IP65

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