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KNX Controller 8 Channel, for measurement and control of up to 8 temperatures, range: -50 ... + 200  C

KNX Controller 8 Channel, for measurement and control of up to 8 temperatures, range: -50 ... + 200  C

Product code: 30801000
KNX Controller 8 Channel Temperature for measurement and control of up to 8 temperatures. The temperatures are measured with the external PT1000 temperature probes. Different kind of probes can be mixed in one installation.
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    The measurement system SK08-T8 registers the temperatures on 8 measuring points, which are measured with a PT1000.

  • As the temperature changes, the measurement sensors change their resistance. The change of resistance will be digitalized and output to a KNX bus. All commercially available temperature sensors can be used, provided that they are PT1000 types.

    The first channel is always active. The channels 2-8, if they are not used, has to be shorted by the dip switch ( position on, factory settings ).

    A number of controller models with various functions are available.

    KNX sensors are set up using the ETS ( KNX Tool Software ) with the associated application program. The device is delivered unprogrammed.

  • All functions are parameterized and programmed by ETS.

    The controller can be switched on or off by activation or locking via the KNX bus.


  • 8x Temperature measurements with the following
  • Two position controller with switch and pulse 1-bit output
  • or PI controller with continuous 8-bit or pulse-width modulated 1-bit output
  • Measured Value can be periodically displayed or when value changes
  • Adjustable periodic display of control variable (parameterized)
  • Adjustable release and lock with all controllers (parameterized)
  • Threshold alarm for upper and lower thresholds
  • Auxiliary quantity of set value or threshold via the bus
  • Calibration of the sensor (offset cancellation)

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 10mA
  • Measurement: Temperature
  • Temperature Range:: -30 .. 180 C
  • Accuracy:: +/- 0.3 C
  • Resolution:: +/- 0.01 C
  • Probe Connection: 8 x PT1000 (Any Type)



Technology KNX
Mounting Surface
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temperature Sensing + Regulation
IP rating IP65

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