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Sentido switch - KNX/EIB  (V3.1)
BASALTE 0200-02

Sentido switch - KNX/EIB (V3.1)

Product code: 0200-02
The Sentido Bus Coupler for KNX is for a four way touch sensor. By touching each of the four touch sensitive areas you can use KNX to execute a range of functions including switching, dimming, operating blinds, activating scenes, etc. Touching a touch sensitive area will give a visual feedback by means of lighting up the central RGB LED which can also be controlled by KNX to provide a visual feedback of statuses. It can also be used to illuminate the switch in the dark. The Sentido switch uses the patented Multitouch technology, touching more than one area at the same time activates an additional function. The Sentido switch has to be used in combination with the Sentido and Enzo front covers, either four-way or two-way.
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The Sentido KNX has 4 touch sensitive areas. When touching one touch sensitive area, the led will become white. When touching more than one touch sensitive area simultaneously, which is called the multitouch, the led will become orange.

Each single touch sensitive area has a defined function:

  • No action
  • Edge
  • Switching
  • Dim
  • Motor control
  • Single press motor control
  • Scene
  • 1 byte value
  • 2 byte value
  • Shift register
  • RGB value

The multitouch can have the following functions:

  • No action
  • Edge
  • Switching
  • Shift register
  • 1 byte value
  • Motor control
  • Single press motor control
  • Room toggle
  • Room toggle + single press motor control
  • Room toggle + scene sequencer
  • Room toggle + general on/off/scene
  • RGB toggle + RGB sequencer

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...32VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 10mA
  • Ambient temperature: -5 ... +45°C
  • Connection mode KNX: Standard KNX/EIB connection terminals

In order to function properly, the sensors of the Sentido switch need to calibrate to the environment. This calibration starts when bus power is applied, when a cover is installed or can be forced when the sensors detect a touch for more than 40 seconds. During calibration the RGB led will light up blue and slowly fade up and down. Make sure not to touch the cover when the calibration process is ongoing! At the end of calibration the RGB led will blink green. The switch is now ready to be used.



Technology KNX
Mounting Flush
Back Box Round European
Buttons 4
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temperature Sensing + Regulation
IP rating IP20

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