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Deseo electronics - KNX/EIB
BASALTE 0300-02

Deseo electronics - KNX/EIB

Product code: 0300-02
Deseo is designed to control all the different functions in one single room in a very simple and intuitive way, through the integrated 1.7" oled display. With one single touch, it is possible to operate any lighting circuit, control different scenes, operate the central music system, control the sunscreens, or operate the heating, air conditioning and ventilation using the built-in thermostat. The innovative tactile technology, typical for basalte products, allows all these functions with extreme ease of use in a sleek and refined design. The Deseo switch has to be used in combination with the Deseo front covers.
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The following functions are available:

  • Multitouch: Occurs when the user simultaneously touches the upper and lower surfaces of the device. This function allows the user to trigger an action without browsing the menus.
  • Start Page: This is the main entry, shown when the device wakes up. The page can display a variety of useful elements like time, date, text, temperature.
  • Scenes: There are 2 scene pages, with up to 6 scenes per page.
  • Lights: There are 2 light pages of 6 light objects each. Each light object can be switched or dimmed.
  • Motors: There are 2 motor pages with 6 motor objects each. A motor page allows the user to control blinds, shutters, curtains, etc.
  • Temperature: The temperature control includes 3 main items:
    • Temperature mode page: The mode page allows the user to set the mode of the thermostat function. The user can choose mode- Comfort, Standby or economy.
    • Setpoint page: When the up or down button is pressed, the setpoint increases/decreases in steps of 0.5 °C (1 °F) or to the nearest 0.5 °C (1 °F) step in case it is send external.
    • Ventilation page The ventilation can be configured with 2 states (High, Low) or with 3 states (High, Mid, Low)
  • Music: To control the music, the user can control the source, preset and the volume. There is also an additional page that shows the now playing information. Additionally, next and previous controls can be shown on this page.
  • Info: The info page can display useful information which is available on the bus in many formats. The information is read only.

Technical Details


  • Current consumption KNX bus: 10mA
  • Current from the additional power supply: 30mA by normal use on 24V DC (up to 60mA at start-up for up to 300ms)
  • Power rating: 1W (It is reccomended to allow 2W)
  • Inputs: 4 capacitive touch sensors and 1 internal temperature sensor
  • Outputs: 1 OLED display



Technology KNX
Mounting Flush
Display OLED
Back Box Round European
Buttons 4
Operating voltage 24VDC
HVAC support Temperature Sensing + Regulation
IP rating IP20
Length 69mm

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