Asano A3 - 3-zone input/output module
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BASALTE 0702-03

Asano A3 - 3-zone input/output module

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Asano A3 is a networked 3-zone stereo output module that allows you to connect up to 3 zones (1 digital S/PDIF and 2 analogue) of third party amplifiers or active speakers with the Asano system.

The two analog zones are connected with RJ45 over shielded cabling, which can be converted to RCA connectors using the optional A3 Audio Splitter.

Every zone output has a separate trigger output to switch on and off the external amplifier or active speaker. With A3, you can also connect two local sources (1 digital S/PDIF and 1 analogue).

A source connected to one of the inputs, immediately becomes a source for all the other zones of the Asano system.

Both inputs have signal sensing to automatically switch on a zone or to trigger KNX events.

Advanced DSP processing provides 5-band equalization with bass and treble control and the selection of up to 8 different EQ-presets for every zone or room.

A3 is completely configured and controlled with KNX. There is no need for any network configuration. Simply connect the module to KNX and a standard Ethernet switch.

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