Asano MMS Link
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Asano MMS Link

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ASANO is a fully KNX Controlled and Configured High End Audio distribution system.

The MMS-link is a DIN rail module that integrates the third party Mirage
Media Server (MMS) with the Asano system. The MMS-server is a cloud based music server with 1TB internal storage that provides up to 5 streams of audio. The MMS-server synchronises automatically with your iTunes library, provides Internet radio streams and is compatible with Apple Airplay.

The MMS-server has 4 analogue outputs and 1 digital output and can be perfectly paired with the Asano P4 amplifier using the 4 analogue inputs, leaving 1 digital output for the home entertainment system. With the MMS-link it is possible to have 2-way control of the MMS-server with KNX, creating a fully integrated music system. It becomes also possible to control the complete Asano system with the MMS iPad app. The MMS-link has two LAN ports with integrated switch for daisy chaining.

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