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KNX fan coil actuator, 2-gang

KNX fan coil actuator, 2-gang

Product code: FCA2REGHE
KNX Fan Coil actuator that can be configured for a 2 x 3 stage fans or 1 x 6 stage fan.
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Product characteristics

  • Connection of a fan coil unit with up to 6 fan stages or connection of fan coil units with up to 3 fan stages respectively
  • Manual output control, provisional operation
  • Control options for heating, cooling or combined heating/cooling operation
  • 2-pipe or 4-pipe operation
  • Individual or hierarchical switching of fan stages
  • Feedback
  • Output state indication
  • Disabling function for each channel

Modes of operation

  • Bus operation: operation via touch sensors or room controller
  • Temporary manual control: manual operation locally with keypad, automatic return to bus operation
  • Permanent manual control mode: only manual operation locally on device

Ordering Information

  • Rail mounting device, 4 rail units
  • With manual electronic operation and LED status indication
  • Only with the ETS 3.0d version or later versions the full functionality will be available.
  • ETS product family: Heating, A/C, Ventilation
  • Product type: Fan-coil

Technical Details


KNX supply: DC 21 ... 32 V SELV

Power consumption KNX: typical 150 mW

Rated voltage: AC 230/240 V ~, 50/60 Hz

Power loss: max. 3 W

Ambient temperature: _5 ... +45 ¡C

Storing temperature: _25 ... +70 ¡C

Connection, KNX: terminal

Connection, mains and outputs

  • Connection mode: screw terminals
  • single wire: 0.5 ... 4 mm_
  • stranded without ferrule: 0.5 ... 4 mm_
  • stranded with ferrule: 0.5 ... 2.5 mm_

Switch type: NO contact

Contact type: floating relay contacts (_ contact)

Switching voltage: AC 230/240 V ~

Breaking capacity AC1: 10 A

Breaking capacity AC3: 10 A

Switching capacities per output

Ohmic load: 2300 W

Capacitive load: 10 A / max. 140 µF

Motors: 1380 VA

Lamp loads

  • Incandescent lamps: 2300 W
  • HV halogen lamps: 2300 W
  • LV halogen lamps with
  • inductive transformers: 1200 VA
  • electronic transformers: 1500 W
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • non-compensated: 1000 W
  • parallel compensated: 1160 W / 140 µF
  • lead-lag circuit: 2300 W / 140 µF

Approvals: VDE



Technology KNX
Brand JUNG
Mounting DIN Rail
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
Mounting Width 4MW

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