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eNet radio brightness detector, solar-powered

eNet radio brightness detector, solar-powered

Product code: FMFS1S
The eNet radio system closes the gap between conventional technology, in which devices are wired via a power cable, and networked building system technology. With the eNet Smart Home extension, switching and control of building services via smartphone, local or remote access is possible.
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Intended use

  • Sensor for brightness-dependent control of eNet actuators
  • Mounting on window panes in indoor areas

Product characteristics

  • Triggers scenes when the set sun protection and twilight value is exceeded or undershot
  • Temperature-dependent sun protection possible
  • Scene buttons for sun protection and twilight
  • Brightness measurement via brightness sensor
  • Sends brightness values to the eNet server if brightness changes more than 50 %
  • Test operation for adjusting protection and temperature threshold
  • Solar-powered device
  • Integrated battery as energy storage

Can be set with eNet server:

  • Operating locks

Supplementary functions with eNet server:

  • Fully-encrypted radio transmission (AES-CCM) from eNet Server software version 2.0
  • Update of the device software
  • Reading of error memory

Sun protection

The sun protection function allows automatic lowering of a blind/shutter in strong sunlight. If a set sun protection value is exceeded for more than 2 minutes, the sun protection sensor transmits the "Sun protection" scene and the blinds move to their previously saved sun protection position. If the brightness falls below the set sun protection value for longer than 15 minutes, then the blind/shutter will move upwards again.

Sun protection, temperature-dependent

Temperature-dependent sun protection can primarily be used in the colder months of the year. The shading of the interior is triggered when the set temperature value is exceeded, in addition to the sun protection value. After triggering the sun protection, the temperature evaluation is deactivated.


When darkness begins, the twilight function allows automatic lowering of a blind/shutter or lighting switching. If the set twilight value is undershot for more than 4 minutes, the "Twilight" scene is opened. If the set twilight threshold is exceeded for approx. 15 minutes, the blind/shutter moves upwards or the lighting switches. To allow the blind/shutter to move upwards automatically, also at dawn, position the sun sensor so that it is not in the shadow of the blind/shutter.

Technical Details


Ambient temperature: _5 ... +45 ¡C

Brightness setting: 4,000 ... 80,000 lx

Twilight setting: 5 ... 250 lx

Temperature setting: +15 ... +40 ¡C (and OFF)

Dimensions (¯ x H): 75 x 27 mm

Radio frequency: 868.0 ... 868.6 MHz

Transmitting power: max. 20 mW

Transmission range in free field: typical 100 m

Receiver category: 2



Technology eNet
Brand JUNG

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