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CLEARANCE ITEM - System 2000 Presence detector comfort top unit, pure white
GIRA 031702

CLEARANCE ITEM - System 2000 Presence detector comfort top unit, pure white

Product code: 0317 02
CLEARANCE ITEM - The amount of stock listed is all we have of these clearance items, once these have run out we will not be able to supply any more at this price. If you order more than is available we will contact you to discuss the options for full priced items or alternatives.

The presence detector controls the illumination depending on the presence of persons and on the desired lighting conditions. It is installed in the celing and monitors the work area located beneath it.

Price (Excluding VAT)


When a movement is detected below an adjustable brightness value, the load is switched on. The device remains switched on as long as further movements are detected and the lighting is required.

  • When used on a System 2000 dimming insert, constant light control is possible. The lighting is initially switched on at maximum brightness. Then the lighting is dimmed so that the brightness is held constant at the desired value set on the presence detector.
  • When combined with a System 2000 ""switching insert"", the lighting is only switched. The presence detector switches off the lighting when no movement has been registered on the work area over a certain period.
  • A presence detector is not a transit detector. To expand the detection field, the comfort presence detector is combined with a System 2000 x3-wirex auxiliary unit insert for presence detectors and automatic control switches.
  • Switching on and off with mechanical auxiliary unit or System 2000 auxiliary unit.
  • With the included clip-on screen sources of interference are blocked by limiting the detection area.
  • System 2000 universal dimmer insert 0305 00
  • System 2000 LV dimmer insert 0331 00
  • System 2000 1_10 V control device insert 0860 00
  • System 2000 Triac switch insert 0854 00
  • System 2000 relay insert 0853 00
  • System 2000 HLK relay insert 0303 00
  • System 2000 impulse insert 0336 00
  • System 2000 auxiliary unit insert for presence detector and automatic control switch 0335 00
  • Surface-mounted housing for presence detector 0086 02/04
  • Technical Details


    • Rated voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
    • Angular coverage: 360_
    • Nominal range desk height: o 5 m
    • Nominal range floor: o 8 m
    • Installation height for nominal range: 2.5 m
    • Switch-on time: 1 s test mode approx. 10 s to 30 min.
    • Brightness: Approx. 10 to 1000 lux
    • Protection type: IP 20
    • Dimensions: o x H 103 x 43 mm



    Technology Standard Electrics
    Brand GIRA
    Colour/Material White
    Design range GIRA System 55
    Insert finish White
    Mounting Flush
    Back Box Round European
    EAN 4010337317029

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