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1 Gang Dimming Actuator KNX
  • Gir105800
  • G105800
GIRA 105800

1 Gang Dimming Actuator KNX

Product code: 1058 00
Universal dimming actuator with two two binary inputs for installation in a flush-mounted wall box (electronics box from Kaiser recommended). Two zero-voltage contacts can be connected to the binary inputs which can carry out various functions or be blocked independently of each other in the process. The inputs are assigned to the dimming actuator at the factory, enabling operation without programming.
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The connection to 230 V is made via a flexible cable with a length of approx. 20 cm. The connection of the binary inputs and the EIB is made via a 6-wire connection cable, approx. 30 cm in length. The connection cable for the binary inputs can be extended to a maximum of 5 m.


  • Switching and dimming of lights
  • Switch-on and dimming behaviour can be set with parameters
  • Feedback of switching state and brightness value
  • Soft ONx, ySoft OFFx and time dimmer are configurable
  • Dimming or brightening of illumination level
  • Time-delayed switch-off when a switch-off brightness is dropped below is possible
  • Short-circuit message and message on a load failure possible
  • Light scene operation possible
  • Blocking operation can be activated with an object with a configurable brightness value at the start and end of a blocking phase
  •  Behaviour of the dimming actuator following bus voltage recovery adjustable


  •  Free assignment of the functions switching, dimming, blind and value transmitter to both inputs
  • Blocker for blocking individual inputs
  • Behaviour when the bus voltage returns can be configured separately for each input
  • Telegram rate limiting
  • Switching function: Two independent switching objects for each input present and can be enabled individually, command for rising or falling edge can be set independently (ON, OFF, SW, no reaction)
  • Dimming function: Single and double-surface operation, time between dimming and switching and dim-step size can be set, telegram repetition and stop-telegram transmission possible
  • Blind function: Command can be set with rising edge (no function, UP, DOWN, CHANGE), operating concept can be configured (Step _ Move _ Step or Move _ Step), time between step and moving mode can be set, slat adjustment time can be set
  • Value transmitter and light scene auxiliary unit function: Edge (push button as NO contact, push button as NC contact, switch) and value with edge can be configured, value adjustment with push button by pressing and holding button for value transmitters possible, light scene auxiliary unit with memory function and saving of the scene without calling up previously is possible

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...32VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 5mA @ 29VDC
  • Rated voltage: 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Current: 0.9 A
  • Connected load: 50 to 210 W ohmic load
  • 50 to 210 W light bulbs
  • 50 to 210 W HV halogen
  • 50 to 210 W LV halogen, Gira Tronic transformer
  • 50 to 210 VA LV halogen, wound transformer
  • Number of inputs: 2
  • Scanning Voltage: approx. +5 VDC referred to "com"; continuous signal
  • Loop Resistance: max. 2 kOhm for safe "1" signal detection (rising edge


  • Universal power boost 1035 00 
  • Tronic power boost 0380 00 
  • LV power boost 0364 00 



Technology KNX
Brand GIRA
Mounting Recessed
Back Box Round European
Inputs 1
Operating voltage 230VAC
Outputs 1
Buscoupler Included
IP rating IP20
EAN 4010337010661

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