DCS Ribbon
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GIRA 127300

DCS Ribbon

Product code: 1273 00
Set of 6-pole audio connection cable and 2-pole video connection cable with a length of 50 cm for remote operation of the colour camera.
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The cable set is required when the colour camera is to be installed offset from the door station or the built-in loudspeaker, or when with installation in the energy profiles 1354 .., 1355 .. several empty units between the colour camera and the door station (bus coupler) must be bridged.

Technical Details


Colour camera for flush-mounted door station 1265 ..Built-in loudspeaker 1258 00Energy profile 1353 .., 1354 .., 1355 ..



Technology Door Comms
Brand GIRA
EAN 4010337273004

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