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FacilityServer Gira Server
  • G207500
  • Gir207500
GIRA 207500

FacilityServer Gira Server

Product code: 2075 00
Facility Server is the ultimate visualisation and programmatic tool for commercial buildings or large residential homes.
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Gateway for a KNX installation, especially matched to the demanding requirements in the commercial sector. With the Gira FacilityServer, systems and building functions can be networked intelligently with each other and the entire Instabus KNX installation can be monitored, controlled and programmed centrally from the PC.

Access and monitoring of the building and system technology from outside is also possible by connecting the Gira FacilityServer to the Internet. The Gira FacilityServer also serves as a data server for higherlevel facility management systems, to which it provides stored consumption and operating data for evaluation.

The Gira FacilityServer offers the complete functional range of the Gira HomeServer, however is equipped with considerably more memory for its use in the commercial sector. This enables considerably larger amounts of data to be stored and more complex, more extensive visualisations to be created. Several Gira FacilityServer can be networked in order to also interconnect buildings that are separated from each other: Local and higher-level applications can be combined.

Due to the software architecture, the FacilityServer is protected against attacks from the Internet. The high security standard is supplemented, among other things, by an authentication system in which a telephone number, user name and PIN are requested. The different security levels can be individually configured depending on the access environment.

Some other functions:

  • Can be updated
  • Installation in 19" rack. For this purpose the scope of supply includes a 19" insert unit with an aluminium plate. Can also be used as a stand-alone device.
  • Management of 200 users. Multiple login possible under one user name.
  • Cyclic/triggered data recording (for example, temperature courses, elapsed-hour meters, fill levels). Graphic display.
  • Graphic user interface: Visualisation of building and device states with freely positionable icons and texts. Saving of own pictures and menu structures per user group.
  • Evaluation of IP cameras, e.g. from Mobotix: Recording of pictures and display in visualisation. Forwarding of the picture data via email and FTP. In the process, country-specific requirements must be taken into account, especially protocol-specific information and standards in the communication sector (e.g. ISDN, SMS etc.).
  • Exporting of data or alarm records in the Excel, CSV, HTML or XML file formats.
  • Mathematical functions (e.g. basic operations).
  • Storing and calling up light scenes.
  • Time delay switches, week programme, public holiday calendar.
  • Fault messages, measured values and sensor or actuator states can be transmitted by SMS and e-mail. Acknowledgement via EIB or phone.
  • Switching via phone call.
  • Self-teaching occupied-home simulation.
  • Remote programming via network, Internet and data communications connections.
  • Sending of ASCII texts to the info display 2.
  • IP coupling with products of other manufacturers that generate or process IP telegrams for control.
  • Low-wearing.
  • Graphic logic editor: Allows, for example, copying of module groups across projects, creating of any number of work sheets.
  • More than 80 logic blocks.
  • Importing and exporting of global libraries.
  • Communication objects: Data transfer from ETS by means of OPC file. Importing and exporting of communication objects as a CSV file.
  • Universal time clock: Several switching points possible per clock.
  • Use of placeholders in day, month, year. Activation/deactivation via communication object. With astro and random function.
  • Data backup/restoring of retentive data.
  • 14-byte EIB texts: Evaluation through comparison with text string. Use in SMS, e-mails or status page.
  • Receipt of IP messages: Specification of an address range, extraction of 14-byte EIB texts, allocation to 14-byte EIB texts.
  • SNMP: Reading out numeric and 14-byte EIB texts. Setting numeric and integer values and texts. Transmitting SNMP traps via FacilityServer command. Optional ColdStart trap when starting FacilityServer.
  • Operation/status display via Agfeo telephone system.
  • Bus access also via EIBnet/IP protocol.
  • Evaluation of web-based IP devices (reading/writing).
  • iETS server: Remote programming of EIB systems (secure operation ensured). Enabling iETS function via communication object. FacilityServer continues to run without restriction during programming via iETS. Switching processes continue to be carried out. Process image remains current.
  • Additional information: www.gira.de/facilityserver
  • Technical information may vary or change depending on version.

Scope of supply:

  • Gira FacilityServer with temperature-controlled fan in 19" insert with aluminium plate
  • Power supply unit with connection cable
  • ISDN connection cable
  • Null modem cable
  • Brief instructions for commissioning

System requirements for operating devices:

The Internet browser of possible operating devices must support at least HTML 4.0, Java Script 1.1, CSS and Dynamic HTML. With WAP, the WAP standard 1.1 is supported, however not all functions, e.g. universal time clock, can be operated.

Technical Details



  • (W x H x D): Device with 19" insert: 483 x 88 x 270 mm (2 rack mount modules), depth with handle: 305 mm
  • Extended RAM as well as extended data memory (flash memory)

Connection options

  • 1 serial port
  • 1 RJ45 network connection, 10/100 Mbit Ethernet
  • Connection to ISDN via USB-ISDN adapter Art. No.: 2093 00
  • Connection to the KNX system via KNX IP router, KNX flush-mounted USB data interface, KNX DRA USB data interface (USB functionality available from Expert version 2.4 or higher)

Commissioning software

  • Gira FacilityServer Expert for operating systems from Windows XP™ including Internet Explorer
  • Adoption of the ETS group addressesIntegration of graphics programs
  • Investment protection through extensions and software updates

Scope of supply

  • Power supply unit with connection cable, null modem cable
  • Brief instructions for commissioning
  • Gira FacilityServer in 19" insert with aluminium plate
  • Mounting hardware



Technology KNX
Brand GIRA
Mounting 19" Rack Mount
Operating voltage 230VAC
IP rating IP20
EAN 4010337051817

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