4 Channel Universal Dimming Actuator
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GIRA 217400

4 Channel Universal Dimming Actuator

Product code: 2174 00
High performance Universal dimmer capable of dimming HV LED, incandescent and halogen lamps along with LV lamps via inductive or electronic ballasts.
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  • Dimming actuator with integrated bus coupler for switching and dimming of various light sources, HV halogen lamps, and LV halogen lamps with inductive transformers or Tronic transformers, dimmable HV LED or compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Automatic or manual selection of dimming principle according to load.
  • Idle-state, short-circuit, and excess temperature-proof
  • Manual operation of the outputs independent of the bus (building site operation also possible).
  • Several outputs can be wired in parallel to increase output power.
  • Parallel switching of several outputs to a load of 950 W possible. Do not connect HV LED or compact fluorescent lamps to dimming outputs connected in parallel.


  • Central switching function for control of all dimming channels.
  • Delay for actively transmitted feedback messages following bus voltage recovery.
  • Load type and dimming method can be configured: universal (with automatic calibration), electronic transformer (capacitive / trailing edge principle), conventional transformer (inductive / leading edge principle), LED (trailing edge or leading edge principle).
  • Feedback for "switching" and "brightness value".
  • Dimmable brightness range can be set.
  • Dimming behaviour and dimming characteristics can be parameterised.
  • Switch-on behaviour for a relative dimming command can be parameterised.
  • Bulb-saving switch-on and switch-off
  • Alarm telegrams for short circuit, overload, and load failure.
  • Feedback of connected load type.
  • Block function or forced setting function can be parameterised for each output.
  • Time functions (switch-on/off delay, staircase light function).
  • Staircase light function with advance warning function via time-controlled reduction of lighting or activation of permanent lighting.
  • Linking function and up to eight scenes per dimming channel possible.
  • Elapsed-hours meter for recording switch-on time.
  • Reactions after bus voltage failure and recovery can be set.
  • The device permits the separate feedback of the individual switching and brightness statuses of the connected loads to the KNX. Moreover, a short-circuit and load failure can be signalled separately to the KNX for each dimming channel.
  • The operating elements (4 pushbuttons) on the front panel of the device allow the dimming channels to be switched on or dimmed by manual operation in parallel with the KNX even without bus voltage or in a non-programmed state. This feature permits fast checking of connected loads for proper functioning.
  • For project design and commissioning of this device, we recommend using the ETS3.0 from Version d patch A, ETS 4.0 or ideally ETS5. The advantages with regard to downloading (shorter loading times) are available only if this ETS versions are used. Using the ETS5 can result in additional benefits in terms of parametric representation.
  • The function features that are independently adjustable for every dimming channel by means of the ETS include, for example, separately configurable brightness ranges, extended feedback functions, a disabling function, or alternatively, a forced position function, a logic operation function, separately adjustable dimming behaviour, soft dimming functions, time delays and a staircase function with pre-warning before switching off the lighting.
  • Furthermore, each dimming channel can be integrated in up to 8 scenes with various brightness values. Central switching of all channels is possible, too. Moreover, the brightness values of the dimming channels in case of bus voltage failure or bus voltage return and after ETS programming, can be preset separately.
  • The switch-on times of the dimming channels can be detected and evaluated separately by operating hours counters.Apart from controlling lighting, the universal dimmer actuator 1-gang can be used as a speed controller of single-phase electric motors. This operating mode can be preselected in the ETS and has an effect on the parameter configuration and function of the device.
  • The device has a mains voltage connection that is independent of the load outputs for supplying the device electronics of the manual operation and integrated bus coupling unit. The device electronics and bus coupling unit are also supplied from the bus coupling unit so that an ETS programming operation or manual operation is also possible even if the mains voltage is not connected or is switched off. If the bus voltage is connected and ready for operation, the device's internal power supply is switched off to save energy.
  • The load outputs have separate mains voltage connections for supplying the digital dimmer packs and the connected load.The device is designed for mounting on DIN rails in closed compact boxes or in power distributors in fixed installations in dry rooms.
  • N.B. It is not possible to operate the device with universal power boosters in conjunction with electronic transformers! Please use Tronic power boosters for power extension when operating electronic transformers.

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 15mA
  • External Voltage for Manual control without Bus: 230VAC 50HZ
  • Power Consumption: 8W
  • Outputs: 4
  • Dimming Capacity Per Channel: 250W

Connected load range per channel on 230VAC

  • Incandescent Light bulbs: 20 to 250 W 
  • HV halogen lamps: 20 to 250 W 
  • Wound transformer: 20 to 250 W
  • Tronic transformer: 20 to 250 W 
  • HV LED lamps: typ. 3 to 50 W 
  • Compact fluorescent lamp: typ. 3 to 50 W

Connected load range per channel on 110VAC

  • Incandescent Light bulbs: 20 to 120 W
  • HV halogen lamps: 20 to 120 W
  • Wound transformer: 20 to 120 VA
  • Tronic transformer: 20 to 120 W
  • HV LED lamps: typ. 3 to 24 W
  • Compact fluorescent lamp: typ. 3 to 24 W

Parallel switched outputs

  • Use outputs to max. capacity of 95 %  (max. 950 W for AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz)



Technology KNX
Brand GIRA
Dimming Type Mains
Mounting DIN Rail
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
Outputs 4
IP rating IP20
Mounting Width 8MW
EAN 4010337082224

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