System 55 TV gateway, Colour Aluminium
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GIRA 261026

System 55 TV gateway, Colour Aluminium

Product code: 2610 26
The TV gateway transmits the video picture of the Gira door communication system via the Scart connection or, with an additional AV modulator, via the antenna input of a television. The acceptance of a call, the opening of the door and switching functions are carried out using the telephone keypad in conjunction with the door communications system gateway or via a home station. When the call is ended, the picture of the door station camera is also switched off in the television set.
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The TV gateway offers the following product features:

  • Installation in two common 58 mm flush-mounted device boxes.
  • Output of the video picture of the Gira door communication system for feeding the signal 1. to the Scart connection of a television set, 2. into an antenna system using an additional AV modulator or 3. for further processing of the signal, e.g. for the HomeServer in conjunction with a common video server.
  • FBAS signal 1 Vss in PAL standard
  • Scart connection for connecting the TV gateway to the television set. The Scart connection of the TV gateway is equipped with a 12 V switching output to support the picture-in-picture function (if this function is supported by the television set) or the automatic switchover to the AV channel.
  • When the video picture is fed into an antenna system, a specified channel is occupied. If a door call is received, this channel must be switched over to manually on the television set to see the camera picture. To feed the signal into the antenna system, the FBAS signal must be converted to a UHF or VHF signal with common modulators.
  • Switch-on button: for switching the TV gateway on and off manually
  • Cursor button for parameter setting: As a final customer - switch-on time As an installer - priority, frequency, resistance, illumination, display, language, learning in, factory setting, version, switch-on time
  • Switching output - this is connected when the TV gateway is active and outputs a picture, e.g. after the assigned call button of the door station has been pressed. The switching output can be evaluated by EIB components if necessary and, for example, be made available to the HomeServer.
  • The video picture can also be displayed on the HomeServer in conjunction with common video servers. In addition to the HomeServer, display on a PC or PDA is also possible. A picture memory can also be realised in conjunction with the HomeServer.
  • Input for the specific switch-on of the TV gateway without the doorstation call button being pressed beforehand. This enables the camera pictures to be displayed on the television set at any time. The colour camera switches off again automatically after 2 min.
  • The connected cameras can be controlled directly in conjunction with the call button expansion unit 1259 00.
  • Display of text on the television set indicating which colour camera is currently switched on. Unsuitable uses Not suitable for operation in countries in which the PAL standard does not apply. Not suitable for television sets that can only process the NTSC and SECAM standard. Attention: When feeding the signal into the antenna system of a multifamily house, the video picture is displayed on all television sets when a door call is received.

Technical Details


  • Power supply: via system bus
  • Connections:
    • Two screw terminals for 2-wire bus
    • Two screw terminals for additional supply
    • 2 system bus connector strips
    • 1 video connector strip
    • 2 screw terminals for switching input only SELV level (ET terminal)
    • 2 screw terminals for switching output only SELV level
    • Scart jack
  • Temperature range: -5 °C to +50 °C
  • Hands-free feature home station 1280 ..
  • Home station Standard 1281 ..
  • Door communications system gateway 1290 00
  • Video control device 1288 00
  • Video distributor 1292 00
  • Suppressor 1278 00



Technology Door Comms
Brand GIRA
Design range GIRA System 55
Insert finish Colour Aluminium
Mounting Flush
Back Box Round European
EAN 4010337051855

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