System 3000 blind timer + timer Display, System 55, cream white
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GIRA 536601

System 3000 blind timer + timer Display, System 55, cream white

Product code: 5366 01
The high-contrast illuminated display and the sensor surface of the Gira System 3000 blind timer make operation particularly simple. A customised time program and the astro function add extra convenience.
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Touch-sensitive buttons and a high-contrast illuminated display make operating the new Gira Display blind timer easier than ever before. In addition to manual control, the current time can be saved at the push of a button to program the movement times for all seven days. Alternatively, the settings can be customised separately for weekdays and the weekend via the menu. Especially convenient: The integrated astro function makes it possible to dynamically match these movement times to sunrise and sunset. The changeover between summer and winter time is carried out automatically.

  • Operation with blind controller insert from System 3000.
  • Operating blinds, shutters and awnings.
  • With the blind controller insert, an individual intermediate position can be saved.
  • Operation via capacitive sensor surface.
  • Fast programming for adopting the current time as the programmed movement time.
  • Automatic summer/winter time switchover, deactivatable.
  • Switching at sunrise or sunset (astro function) adjustable for 18 countries.
  • Astro time for sunrise and sunset can be individually adjusted by ±2 hours.
  • The blocking function blocks operation of the auxiliary unit and deactivates automatic mode.
  • The display turns off after 2 minutes, permanent display of time is possible.
  • Programming of one raising and one lowering time for each day in week segments Mon-Fri and Sat+Sun.

Technical Details


  • Ambient temperature: -5 ¡C to +45 ¡C
  • Power reserve: Approx. 4 h



Technology Standard Electrics
Brand GIRA
Design range GIRA System 55
Finish Cream White
Switch action Capacitive Touch
Back Box Round European
Operating voltage 230VAC

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