KNX - BACnet IP & MS/TP Client (3000 points)
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KNX - BACnet IP & MS/TP Client (3000 points)

Product code: INKNXBAC3K00000
The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of BACnet server devices from a KNX installation. The previous part number for this item was IBOX-KNX-BAC
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IntesisBox acts as a master in the BACnet side allowing to read/write points of other BACnet/IP device(s) connected to a BACnet network and offering these point's values through its KNX interface.

On the KNX side, IntesisBox simulates a KNX device and acts as if it was a single device into the KNX system.The IntesisBox's KNX interface connects directly to the KNX bus and it is optoisolated from the rest of the internal electronics. 

  • Handles conversion between KNX and BACnet (IP or MSTP) devices
  • Automatically send a write request to the KNX bus when its value changes
  • Send a read request to the KNX bus when IntesisBox starts-up 
  • Datalogging through external USB port
  • Configuration through IP or USB (Console) port
  • Front cover LED indicators to provide easy to check communication status on both the Ethernet and serial ports
  • Includes IntesisBox MAPS with automatic updates for both IntesisBox MAPS and Gateway’s firmware
  • BACnet explorer function (available from IntesisBox MAPS)

Technical Details



  • 1 x Plug-in screw terminal block (3 poles)
  • 9 to 36VDC +/-10%, Max.: 140mA.
  • 24VAC +/-10% 50-60Hz, Max.: 127mA
  • Recommended: 24VDC


  • Plastic type: PC (UL 94 V-0)
  • Net dimensions (dxwxh): 90x88x56 mm
  • Recommended space for installation (dxwxh): 130x100x100mm
  • Color: Light Grey. RAL 7035


  • Size: Coin 20mm x 3.2mm
  • Capacity: 3V / 225mAh
  • Type: Manganese Dioxide Lithium


  • DIN rail EN60715 TH35.
  • 5MW

Console Port

  • Mini Type-B USB 2.0 compliant
  • 1500VDC isolation

Terminal Wiring

  • Per terminal: solid wires or stranded wires (twisted or with ferrule)
    • 1 core: 0.5mm2… 2.5mm2
    • 2 cores: 0.5mm2… 1.5mm2
    • 3 cores: not permitted
  • If cables are more than 3.05 meters long, Class 2 cable is required.

USB port

  • Type-A USB 2.0 compliant
  • Only for USB flash storage device (USB pen drive)
  • Power consumption limited to 150mA (HDD connection not allowed)

Push Button 

  • Button A: KNX programming button (not used)
  • Button B: Not used


  • 1 x Ethernet 10/100 Mbps RJ45
  • 2 x Ethernet LED: port link and activity

Port A

  • 1 x KNX TP-1 Plug-in screw terminal block orange (2 poles)
  • 2500VDC isolation from other ports
  • KNX power consumption: 5mA
  • Voltage rating: 29VDC
  • 1 x Plug-in screw terminal block green (2 poles)
  • Reserved for future use
  • 1500VDC isolation from other ports

Port B

  • 1 x Serial EIA232 (SUB-D9 male connector) 
    • Reserved for future use
  • 1 x Serial EIA485 Plug-in screw terminal block (3 poles)
    • A, B, SG (Reference ground or shield)
    • 1500VDC isolation from other ports (except PORT B: EIA232)

Switch B
1 x DIP-Switch for serial EIA485 configuration:

  • Position 1:
    • ON: 120 Ω termination active
    • Off: 120 Ω termination inactive (default)
  • Position 2-3:
    • ON: Polarization active (default)
    • Off: Polarization inactive


  • Temperature 0°C to +60°C
  • Humidity 5 to 95%, no condensation
  • Protection IP20 (IEC60529)


  • 10 x Onboard LED indicators
    • 2 x Run (Power)/Error
    • 2 x Ethernet Link/Speed
    • 2 x Port A TX/RX
    • 2 x Port B TX/RX
    • 1 x Button A Indicator
    • 1 x Button B Indicator



Technology KNX

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