KNX - DAIKIN AC. Domestic Lines
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KNX - DAIKIN AC. Domestic Lines

Product code: DK-AC-KNX-1
IntesisBox DK-AC-KNX-1 allows bi-directional monitoring and control, of all the functioning parameters of DAIKIN Air Conditioners from a KNX installation.
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Compatible with all the models of the domestic line commercialised by DAIKIN (FTXR-E, CTXU-G, FTXG-E, FTXS-G, FTXS-F, FVXS-F, FLXS-B, FDXS-E, and FDXS-C. Consult for others).

Simple installation. Can be install inside the own AC indoor unit, it connects one side directly to the electronic circuit of the AC indoor unit (cable supplied), and in the other side directly to the KNX TP-1 (EIB) bus.

Great flexibility of integration into your KNX projects. Configuration is made directly from ETS, the database of the device comes with a complete set of communication objects allowing, from a simple and quick integration using the basic objects, to the most advanced integration with monitoring and control all the AC unit's parameters. Also available specific devices communication objects, as for example save and execute scenes.

Allows the use of a KNX temperature sensor for the air conditioning control.

IntesisBox DK-AC-KNX-1 will allow you a full integration of the air conditioning in your KNX projects at a very affordable cost.

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 7mA



Technology KNX
Technology KNX
Mounting Surface
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
IP rating IP20