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Fujitsu RAC and VRF systems to KNX Interface with binary inputs (to remote controller)

Fujitsu RAC and VRF systems to KNX Interface with binary inputs (to remote controller)

Product code: INKNXFGL001R000
The Fujitsu-KNX gateway allows fully bi-directional communication between Fujitsu RAC and VRF systems and KNX installations.

Additionally, four potential-free binary inputs provide the possibility to integrate external devices, such as window contacts or presence detectors, that allows launching internal functions focused to improve energy efficiency.

The previous part number for this item was FJ-RC-KNX-1i

Price (Excluding VAT)



  • KNX certified.
  • Configured by ETS standard configuration tool.
  • Reduced dimensions allowing a quick installation inside the Air Conditioner unit.
  • Offered all the required DPT objects to be compatible with all KNX thermostats in the market.
  • Energy efficiency functions, such as ÒtimeoutÓ, Òopen windowÓ or ÒOccupancyÓ. Costs related to HVAC systems in a building are one of the highest and these functions allow to reduce them.
  • Smooth integration of KNX thermostats allowing the control of the AC unit by the own temperature sensor of the thermostat.
  • Simultaneous control of the AC unit by the IR remote controller and by KNX.
  • Total control and monitoring of the AC unit from KNX, including AC unitÕs internal variables, running hours counter (for filter maintenance control) and error indication.
  • Up to 5 scenes can be saved and executed from KNX.


  • The gateway is wired directly to an indoor unit. This allows not only the control of the main AC functions such as operating mode, fan speed, temperature setpoint, but the monitoring of errors, alarms and some internal variables.


  • The connection between the two networks is quickly set up in the ETS configuration tool using the product database available to download. Thanks to the high number of supported KNX DPTs and the KNX certification, the gateway ensures interoperability with any KNX device in the market.

Technical Details


Envelope: Plastic, type ABS (UL 94 V-0). 2,5 mm thickness White RAL 9010

Dimensions: 71 X 71 X 27 mm

Weight: 70g

Colour: Ivory white

Power supply: 29V DC, 7mA. Supplied through KNX bus.

AC Indoor Unit Bus: Voltage: 13-18V Current: 80mA

LED indicators: 1 x KNX programming.

Push buttons: 1 x KNX programming.

Binary inputs:

  • 4 x Potential-free binary inputs.
  • Signal cable length: 5m unshielded, may be extended up to 20m with twisted.
  • Compliant with the following standards: IEC61000-4-2 : level 4 - 15kV (air discharge) - 8kV (contact discharge). MIL STD 883E-Method 3015-7 : class3B

Configuration: Configuration with ETS.

Operating Temperature: From -25oC to 60oC

Storage Temperature: From -40oC to 85oC

Isolation Voltage: 2500V

RoHS conformity: Compliant with RoHS directive (2002/95/CE).


  • CE conformity to EMC directive (2004/108/EC) and Low-voltage directive (2006/95/EC)
  • EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3, EN 60950-1, EN 50491-3, EN 50090-2-2, EN 50428, EN 60669-1, EN 60669-2-1



Technology KNX
Mounting Surface
Inputs 4
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
IP rating IP20

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