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LB Management A Range, Universal timer Bluetooth, breakproof, matt anthracite

LB Management A Range, Universal timer Bluetooth, breakproof, matt anthracite

Product code: A1751BFBTANM
For LB Management inserts "blinds" ref.-no.: 1730 JE and 1731 JE

For LB Management inserts "light" ref.-no.: 1701 SE, 1704 ESE, 1702 SE, 1710 DE, 1711 DE, 1713 DSTE, 1723 NE

Price (Excluding VAT)


Intended use

  • Manual and time-controlled operation of Venetian blinds, shutters, awnings, lighting or fans
  • Operation and programming with smartphone in combination with Clever Config App via Bluetooth
  • Operation with switch, dimmer or blinds insert or satellite insert 3-wire of the LB Management

Product characteristics

  • Functions directly via cover
  • Operation of blinds/shutters and lighting
  • Activating / deactivating the disabling function
  • Activating / deactivating automatic operation
  • Running time and ventilation position of the blind/shutter can be saved
  • Switch-on brightness or switch on to last brightness (with dimming insert) can be saved
  • Night mode
  • Functions via Clever Config App
  • Operation of blinds/shutters and lighting with status feedback
  • Display of current blind/shutter position, dimming position or switching state
  • Programming of up to 40 individual switching times
  • Blind and slat positions or switching and dimming values can be saved for each switching time
  • Possible to copy switching times to other universal timers Bluetooth
  • Switching at sunrise and/or before sunset (astro function)
  • Astro time by means of geolocation
  • Astro time shift can be set for each switching time
  • Automatic summer/winter time changeover, can be switched off
  • Random function
  • Automatic date and time update when connecting with smartphone
  • Code request for protection for time programs and configuration possible
  • Save a ventilation position, blind/shutter running time, slat change-over time and change-over time for direction change
  • Switch to inverse operation for Venetian blind inserts possible
  • Maximum brightness and minimum brightness for dimming insert can be set
  • Sun protection and twilight function possible via optional brightness / temperature sensor ref.-no.: 1792 HT BT

Technical Details


Ambient temperature: _5 ... +45 ¡C
Storage/transport temperature: _20 ... +70 ¡C
Accuracy per month: ± 10 s. The time is updated with every connection to the app.
Power reserve: approx. 4 h
Radio frequency: 2.402 ... 2.480 GHz
Transmitting power: max. 2.5 mW (class 2)
Transmission range: typical 10 m



Technology WiFi
Brand JUNG
Colour/Material Anthracite
Design range Jung LB Management
Frame style Jung A
Buscoupler Not Included

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