CLEARANCE ITEM - iKNiX Knix-Port V2 - Mobile only, 250 Data points
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CLEARANCE ITEM - iKNiX Knix-Port V2 - Mobile only, 250 Data points

Product code: XKNIXPORTV2
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The iKNiX Port offers a very simple and cheap way to allow visualisation and control of a KNX system from mobile platforms.

KNX Interface and ObjectServer between LAN and EIB/KNX-Bus

The KNiX Port is used as interface to connect to KNX/EIB both on telegram level (KNXnet/IP Tunnelling) and on data-point level (KNX Application Layer).

The connection is made through LAN (IP). The IP Address can be obtained by a DHCP server or by manually configuration (ETS) respectively. As Interface the device works according to the KNXnet/IP specification.

Technical data
- 10 simultaneous connections possible (10 mobile Apple devices can be connected at the SAME time)
- 250 Data-Points can be assigned (to individual group addresses)
- can be used as a programming gateway for the ETS (IP gateway), remote access possible
Electrical safety
- Protection (EN 60529): IP 20
EMV requirements
- Complies EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3
and EN 50090-2-2
Environmental requirements
- Ambient temp. operating: - 5 ... + 45 °C
- Ambient temp. Non-op.: - 25 ... + 70 °C
- Rel. humidity (non-condensing): 5 % É 93 %
CE norm
- Complies with the EMC regulations (residential
and functional buildings) and low voltage directive

Technical Details



Brand iKNiX

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