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eNet radio dimming actuator, 4-gang

eNet radio dimming actuator, 4-gang

Product code: FMUD420250REG
The eNet radio system closes the gap between conventional technology, in which devices are wired via a power cable, and networked building system technology. With the eNet Smart Home extension, switching and control of building services via smartphone, local or remote access is possible.
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Intended use

  • Switching and dimming of incandescent lamps, HV halogen lamps, electronic transformers for halogen or LED lamps, dimmable inductive transformers for halogen or LED lamps, HV LED or compact fluorescent lamps
  • Operation with power supply (ref.-no. NT 1220 REG VDC) and receiver module (ref.-no. FM FK 32 REG) or eNet server
  • Operation with suitable eNet radio transmitters
  • Installation in distribution boxes on DIN rail according to EN 60715

Product characteristics

  • Switch-on via bulb-preserving soft start
  • Switch-on brightness for each output can be saved permanently
  • Minimum brightness for each output can be saved permanently
  • Scene operation possible
  • Status indication of the outputs via LED
  • Status feedback to radio transmitter
  • Outputs switchable with Prog button
  • Increase in output power possible through parallel switching of multiple outputs
  • Electronic short-circuit protection with permanent switch-off after 7 seconds at the latest
  • Electronic over-temperature protection
  • Automatic or manual setting of the dimming principle suitable for the load
  • Power extension possible by means of power boosters (ref.-no. ULZ 1755 REG)
  • Optional accessory: compensation module LED, ref.-no.: KM LED 230 U

Can be set with eNet server:

  • Maximum brightness
  • Dimming speed
  • Switch-on delay / switch-off delay
  • Dim up/dim down ramp
  • Switch-off warning
  • Operating locks
  • Continuous on, Continuous off
  • Hotel function
  • Run-on time

Supplementary functions with eNet server:

  • Fully-encrypted radio transmission (AES-CCM) from eNet Server software version 2.0
  • Update of the device software
  • Reading of error memory

Technical Details


Rated voltage: AC 230 V ~, 50/60 Hz

Power loss: max. 8 W

Stand-by power: max. 1.2 W

Ambient temperature: _5 ... +45 ¡C

Connected load per output at 45 ¡C

Power specifications including transformer power dissipation.

Operate inductive transformers with at least 85 % nominal load.

For ohmic-inductive mixed load, maximum 50 % proportion of ohmic load. Otherwise incorrect calibration of the dimmer may result.

Max. load for outputs connected in parallel is limited to 95 %.

The minimum load of parallel switching of load outputs is 250 VA.

Incandescent lamps: 20 ... 250 W

HV halogen lamps: 20 ... 250 W

Electronic transformers: 20 ... 250 W

Electronic transformers with LV LED: typical 20 ... 100 W

Inductive transformers: 20 ... 250 VA

Inductive transformers with LV LED: typical 20 ... 100 VA

Dimmable HV LED lamps: typical 3 ... 50 W

Dimmable compact fluorescent lamps: typical 3 ... 50 W

With setting "LED trailing edge phase control" the max. connection power for HV LED lamps and electronic transformers with LV LED doubles.

Ohmic-inductive: 20 ... 250 VA

Ohmic-capacitive: 20 ... 250 VA

Capacitive-inductive: not permitted

Amplifiers: see instructions for amplifier

Connection, outputs

  • Connection mode: screw terminals
  • single wire: 1.5 ... 4 mm_
  • stranded without ferrule: 0.75 ... 4 mm_
  • stranded with ferrule: 0.5 ... 2.5 mm_

Contact type: _

Length of output cable, per channel: max. 100 m

Mounting width: 44 mm (8 rail units)

Bus line

  • Rated voltage: DC 12 V SELV
  • Current consumption: 10 mA
  • Connection bus: terminal
  • Cable length: max. 3 m



Technology eNet
Brand JUNG
Mounting DIN Rail
Mounting Width 8MW

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