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eNet wireless dimming actuator, 1-gang Mini 20...250/VA
  • G542000
  • Gir542000
GIRA 542000

eNet wireless dimming actuator, 1-gang Mini 20...250/VA

Product code: 5420 00
The eNet wireless dimming actuator enables switching and dimming of various electrical loads.
Price (Excluding VAT)


  • Switching and dimming light bulbs, HV halogen lamps, electronic transformers for halogen or LED lamps, dimmable inductive transformers for halogen or LED lamps, HV LED or compact fluorescent lamps.
  • Bulb-saving switch-on.
  • Switch-on and minimum brightness can be saved for each output.
  • Scene operation.
  • Status display with LED.
  • Status feedback to eNet wireless sensors.
  • Short-circuit and excess-temperature protection.
  • Automatic or manual setting of dimming process.

Can be set with eNet server:

  • Maximum brightness.
  • Dimming process.
  • Dimming speed.
  • Delay time.
  • Switch-on/off delay.
  • Dimming ramp up/down.
  • Switch-off pre-warning.
  • Permanent-on, permanent-off.
  • Hotel function.
  • Light control.
  • Repeater function.
  • Localisation of the device.

Installation in device box, surface-mounted housing, or in an installation adapter.

Wireless approval is valid for EU and EFTA countries.

Technical Details


Rated voltage: AC 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Power loss: max. 1.5 W

Standby: max. 0.5 W

Ambient temperature: -25 ¡C to +70 ¡C

Connected load

  • Light bulbs: 20 to 250 W
  • HV halogen lamps: 20 to 250 W
  • Wound transformer: 20 to 250 VA
  • Wound transformer with NV-LED: 20 to 100 VA
  • Gira Tronic transformer: 20 to 250 W
  • Electronic transformer with NV-LED: typically 20 to 100 W
  • LED lamps: typ. 3 to 70 W
  • Compact fluorescent lamp: typ. 3 to 70 W

Connections: max. 4 mm_

Wireless frequency: 868.0 to 868.6 MHz

Range (free field): approx. 100 m



Technology eNet
Brand GIRA
Colour/Material White
Design range GIRA System 55
Insert finish White
Operating voltage 230v
EAN 4010337774143
inputs_outputs 1

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