eNet wireless universal transmitter, 2-gang Mini
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  • Gir545300
  • G545300
GIRA 545300

eNet wireless universal transmitter, 2-gang Mini

Product code: 5453 00
The eNet wireless universal transmitter enables the transmission of switching, dimming or blind commands to suitable eNet wireless receivers.
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Installation in device box, surface-mounted housing, or in an installation adapter.

Detection of voltage levels and changes at input.

Connection of an external status LED.

Indication of transmission status.

Operating modes: 1-gang switching/dimming/blind, 1-gang automatic function, 2-gang switching/dimming/push-button operation, 2-gang automatic function.

Can be set with eNet server:

  • Fully encrypted wireless transmission (AES CCM) from eNet Server software version 2.0.
  • 2-gang blind.
  • Operation locks.
  • Establishing connections, enabled or disabled.
  • Status for forced setting.
  • All-On or All-Off scenes, threshold value scenes, and individual scenes can be configured.
  • Configuration of scene button via eNet SMART HOME app (if-then rules) to trigger actions, scenes, or timers.
  • Repeater function.
  • Device software update.
  • Localisation of the device.

Technical Details


Rated voltage: AC 110 V to 230 V, 50/60 Hz

Standby: 0.5 W


  • Cable length: max. 100 m
  • Input current: 2 mA
  • Signal duration: min. 200 ms

Output status LED

  • Rated voltage: AC 110 V to 230 V
  • Output current: 40 mA



Technology eNet
Brand GIRA
Design range GIRA System 55
Insert finish White
Inputs 2
Operating voltage 230v
EAN 4010337774310

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