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KNX Sensor Temperature Humidity Control 2 Binary Inputs / Outputs - ultra dark grey

KNX Sensor Temperature Humidity Control 2 Binary Inputs / Outputs - ultra dark grey

Product code: 30531362
The KNX-Sensor SK30-THC is used for measuring and controlling indoor air parameters
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  • Air temperature ( sensor in the housing ) also weighted with external temperature
  • Humidity ( sensor in the housing )
  • Calculated values absolute humidity, dew point temperature and energy
    content ( enthalpy )
  • Control functions for heating and cooling applications ( can be combined )
  • Setpoint temperatures for Comfort, Standby, Economy and Protection,
    selectable via KNX HVAC objects
  • Setpoint change via objects
  • Storage of minimum- and maximum-temperature
  • Heat- and frost-alarm
  • Limits for temperature and humidity
  • Fan control by humidity limits and external inputs
  • Detecting of dew point temperature and alarm / regulation at risk of
  • Adaptation for setpoint and maximum temperatures
  • Controller output 0...100% or programmable PWM for thermal actuators
  • Valve rinse function
  • Second temperature controller as auxiliary controller
    Two binary inputs / outputs ( floating )
  • Light control as switch / button with short, long, double and both function
  • Dimmer
  • Blind and shutter control
  • Programmable Encoder
  • Temperature adjustment
  • The binary inputs can be configured as outputs ( LED / Beeper )
    The current state of the temperature controller can be indicated by LEDs.
  • Heating or cooling
  • Slow pulsing if controller is active
  • Pulse depth represents deviation between actual- and setpoint-temperature
  • Display for comfort / standby / night mode configurable
    Four logic blocks for the logical link between internal and external signals.
  • 10 associated logic inputs / outputs
  • Heat- and cooling-request as additionally available signals
  • Functions "AND, OR, NOT, XOR" for binary logic
  • Functions "+ - *" for 8-bit values
  • Function "=" for conditional forwarding of events
  • Detection and control of room temperature and humidity
  • Decentralized control for steady KNX-valves or thermal actuators
  • Decentralized ventilation control depending on humidity
  • Evaluation of external switches and push buttons for switching functions

Technical Details


Measurement: temperature rel. humidity
Calculated Values: abs. humidity dewpoint temperature enthalpie
Control: integrated
Temperature Range: -25 .. +80C
Resolution: 0.02C
Accuracy: ± 0.4C (5..60C), else ± 0.8C
Humidity Range: 0 .. 100% r.h
Resolution: 0.02% r.h
Accuracy: ± 3% r.H (20..80%) at +20C, else ± 5% r.H
Binary In / Output 2
Operating Voltage: KNX bus voltage 21 .. 32VDC
Power Consumption: approx. 240mW ( at 24VDC )
Environment Temperature KNX-Module: Operating: -25 .. +80C Storage: -25 .. +80C
Environment Humidity KNX-Module: 0 .. 100% r.H non condensing
Bus Coupler: integrated
Startup with the ETS Version 4 or higher: HLK305
Circuit Points:: KNX 2 pole clamps ( red / black )       
Protection Class: IP20
Housing KNX-Module: plastic
Dimensions Housing KNX-Module: 55mm standard frame size



Technology KNX
Colour/Material Grey
Mounting Flush
Inputs 2
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
HVAC support Temperature Sensing + Regulation

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