Meteodata 139 KNX
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THEBEN 1399200

Meteodata 139 KNX

Product code: 1399200
Reception of local weather forecast, Data and Time from the EFR Transmitters for Central Europe ONLY
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Delivery of the data via HKW Elektronik GmbH in cooperation with the Europäischen Funk-Rundsteuerung (EFR) [European Radio Ripple Control].

Including weather data licence, no ongoing additional costs for the weather data.

  • Range: Each about 800 Kkilometres around the three transmitters Mainflingen in Frankfurt am Main, Burg in Magdeburg and Lakihegy in Budapest.
  • LED for status display of the reception quality.

The following data are available for each weather region:

  • Air temperature
  • Precipitation amount
  • Precipitation probability
  • Wind force
  • Wind direction
  • Sunshine duration
  • Solar insolation
  • Weather scenario as text
  • Weather scenario as scene number

This data is divided up into 6 h periods for each day. The entire forecast period extends across 4 days, as follows:

  • Day (day 0)
  • Tomorrow
  • The day after tomorrow
  • In 3 days

A bad weather warning can be given depending on the expected wind/gust strength or precipitation amount.

The EFR time service makes the device the ideal timekeeper: Very brief synchronisation time (approx. 2 s). Both the standard time format (separate objects for time and date) and the 

Optimal energy-saving options via:

  • Messages about the expected solar yield, i.e. coordination between solar system and heat generator (heating boiler).
  • Automatic changeover in the heating system from winter to summer mode (and reverse) based on the current weather situation taking into the external temperature and the heat of the sun (sunshine duration or solar radiation in W/m2)
  • Heating and cooling support for optimal use of the solar heat e.g. for blind controls.

Technical Details


  • Bus Voltage: KNX Bus 21...30VDC
  • Bus Current Consumption: 12mA
  • Air Temperature Range: -60...+55°C
  • Precipitation Range: 0- >60mm or l/m2
  • Precipitation Probability: 0-100%
  • Wind: 1-12 BFT (2 km/h..>117 km/h)
  • Wind Direction: 360°
  • Sunshine Duration: 0-6h
  • Solar Insolation: 0-12000 W/m2
  • Weather Scenarios: 15 Weather Symbols + Text



Technology KNX
Mounting Surface
Operating voltage KNX Bus (29VDC)
IP rating IP54

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