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Support Article

What are the Warranty Periods of the Items on Your Site?

We find it useful for our customers to be aware of the warranty periods for the range of products we sell from all the different manufacturers.

Please see below the most up to date information:

  • ABB: 1 year
  • Arcus: 1 year
  • Basalte: 2 years
  • BEG: 3 years
  • Berker: TBC
  • Bilton: 1 year
  • Cerasonar: 5 years
  • GIRA: 2 years
  • Hager: TBC
  • Iddero: 2 years
  • Intesis: 1 year
  • Jung: 2 years
  • Kaiser: TBC
  • Lithoss:  2 years
  • Siemens:  2 years
  • Simon:  2 years
  • Somfy: TBC
  • Steinel: 3 years
  • Theben:  2 years
  • Weinzierl:  2 years
  • Zennio: 2 Years

Please note

Warranty does not apply to defective products due to faulty material or bad workmanship. Nor does the warranty apply to defects caused by ordinary wear and tear, accidents, misuse or neglect, adjustments or modifications, or defects caused by over-voltage caused by whatever means.