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Ivory Egg hatched in 2005 with the hope of bringing the concept of a ‘smart home’ to life. Rather than focusing on installing the technology that powers smart homes, Ivory Egg has always sought to source and supply ‘Best of Breed’ products to support installers. Ivory Egg founder Colin Price adopted KNX as the control platform of choice and ever since our team have raised awareness of KNX in the UK and are now a centre of ‘egg’cellence.

We pride ourselves on being independent and although we are a small team we are growing fast and continue to contribute to the phenomenal growth of KNX in the UK. Whether you are an Installer, Architect, or M&E consultant, if you are in the “Smart” building industry we can help with product information, technical advice or even training.

Meet the UK team

Scott 8941919099080640eab14126788826954339c2e29387ea80c7973f5bab1ad30a
Scott Burgess
Managing director
After completing an Architectural degree Scott came to the UK and pursued his love of Hifi working alternately in retail at Martin Kleiser, Manufacturing at Linn Products and Systems Integration with Harris Grant. Much of this time was spent designing and managing installations in some of the highest specification Superyachts and Homes around the world. While involved with a Superyacht project Scott was introduced to KNX and to Colin the founder of Ivory Egg, the rest, as they say, is history.
Jo 6e2b9da6e4ba960a2df97d453882a8acedc8191926965607776486115f939acc
Jo Hussey
Operations manager
Jo has been a part of the Ivory Egg Team for 3 years and has a background in customer service and order processing. Jo initially worked in a logistics and purchasing role at Ivory Egg but her expertise and finesse with spreadsheets led to a jump to looking after the website and the 'behind the scenes' data management. Jo has recently been promoted to Operations Manager, responsible for overseeing our logistics team and keeping us all in check. With a creative degree, she has a passion for photography and enjoys showing off her classic Mini.
Mark 9ab88bc2193fb4b327fd47e54d59c97d5311942f965ea5535f853a9d1ebf0c55
Mark Warburton
Technical director
Mark has worked in the smart home industry for over 12 years in both NZ and the UK, in various roles including system integration, project management and sales. As Technical Director, he is responsible for ensuring Ivory Egg continues to be the most knowledgeable KNX distributor. When Mark is not in the office, you can usually find him on his rather expansive allotment.
Kim e66d722de8d3853bacd538e96aaec6292e6c617be39c6e27c2a9dc5e60c48bef
Kim Keys
Kim has many years of experience with both book keeping finincial management. She keeps us all in check, pays the bills and manages our accounts with customers and suppliers.
Ashley 70f9897761880dcfa7c5331d2e01e77fa5fb8cea009285db18f9b137d030c197
Ashley Bodkin
Training and support
With experience in sales, marketing and customer service, Ashley supports our account managers and ensures that internal communications run smoothly. Before joining us, Ashley completed a program of Lander Associates courses that have prepared her well for keeping the sales team on track and helping to manage the Ivory Egg training provision. Out of the office Ashley is fond of baking and running but not at the same time!
Sam fc1901e35a811f114cb3cf9824b522214fd7e44d592cbe3f4b895673ebdaba22
Sam Pound-Jones
Sales lead
With a decade of sales and project management experience Sam’s in depth knowledge of working on projects means he understands the pressures of working on site. Recently promoted to Sales Manager, Sam oversees our account managers. When not in the office, Sam likes to focus on his fitness and has a passion for sailing.
Dave c752132d119c65f8e52703dbb44437feec8114e1330985bc15f0b27dd514489a
Dave Hartley
Sales executive
With a background in telecommunications and technical pre-sales, Dave is now responsible for handling all 230v and Door Communications enquiries at Ivory Egg. A real busy bee, Dave is a singer for a handful of heavy metal bands, an amateur filmmaker and a voice actor too. Phew!
Chid a1d724e6fbba69adef0b054ff6bfa2386d8b35fa795e71b70ab02dc2d71806f1
Chid Radhadkrishnan
Technical sales executive
Chid has a degree in Electrical and Communication Systems and experience in Technical Sales. With a background in Control and Automation he is responsible for managing KNX accounts at Ivory Egg. In his spare time Chid enjoys exploring and playing video games.
Martin a90e5b9bc1458b893b2489e5d2778762de2e45588ecb3356d3934bc106f671be
Martin Hawley
Lead generation
Martin recently joined Ivory Egg as an outbound Sales Executive focusing on delivering training information to our customers and following up new business leads. Having previously worked with several KNX Integrators he understands what it takes to be successful with KNX. Outside of work Martin enjoys kayaking and cycling.
Craig f4db985462ad48ee629ab2b598924b11b6a01f655a08932cc29a6e15e8e13af9
Craig Suff
Customer Service and Order Processing
With a background in retail and stock management and a degree in business, Craig is well prepared to handle the rigours of keeping our stock in check and is a fundamental part of the logistics team. When he’s not at the Ivory Egg shed he is most likely to be found enjoying some stand-up comedy.
Pete b0dfebfecda64e5859a33f6674194acb5c30e53836360a6e1c96d1cdc0dbe75f
Pete Mower
Purchasing and logistics
Having spent several years living in Australia, he’s now back in the UK and is looking forward to studying Electrical Installation whilst working at Ivory Egg. A fan of sport, Pete follows both Rugby and Football. He also enjoys cycling and travels overseas as often as he can.
Charlotte 8d377fed613e6a382e55890052bf4f317df6818e231abceff94f949e85e612aa
Charlotte Blissett-Griffiths
Charlotte joins us from a digital marketing agency, bringing her invaluable experience in social media. She is responsible for all things marketing at the Ivory Egg Shed. When out of the office she enjoys portrait photography, cooking and has recently started tap dancing lessons.
Niall 63e7bfd9b668e1748ed1f886e6fdaeb00460edfa15576a223d05693f180a053d
Niall Walsh
Technical support
Niall is a qualified Electronic Service Technician with 30 years of technical experience in manufacturing, distribution, installation and design of security and building automation electronics. He works with integrators and engineers to solve technical problems and is also a qualified KNX tutor delivering basic and advance courses as well as CPD training.

Meet the New Zealand team

Colin c4559368e2d57677de1e94f141b37a65332dccf3cf969b02a2b35a1bca69becf
Colin Price
Director and Founder
Colin has a background in electrical engineering including 4 years working in Japan for Invensys designing advanced power supplies. One of the very earliest adopters of KNX in the UK he initially ran a custom installation business and then decided to use his skills to offer KNX to the market as a wholesaler and formed Ivory Egg.
Romesh 39a8364b2a76f1f0c0d80df003c3d9bc1e5ed7b7f9d0b297046d83165b55f278
Romesh Anandaraja
Sales Executive
After completing a Physics degree Romesh entered the A.V. and automation industry. Over the past twenty years he’s been involved in almost every aspect of the industry, including some of the worlds most sophisticated residential and super Yacht projects, many of which have won international awards. Romesh is here to help with sales enquiries in the North Island. In his spare time he’s a keen musician, playing the Piano, Violin, Drums, Guitar and Bass. 
Stephen 4d831fde7c598c31438e7619e0799abd1ad8857c16edde9cacdd72732a995e91
Stephen Tankard
Operations Manager
Stephen joined Ivory Egg in early 2016, having gained experience of KNX whilst working for a CEDIA member company in London.  As operations manager, Stephen oversees NZ logistics, technical support and training.  Stephen loves a challenge and has competed in the non-stop cycling "Race Across America” three times - sensibly as team manager, not as a rider!

Meet the Australia team

Clayton 35b070498cea6a3b1ca8ad15766c921d662910868442c3a569fde6c5667ab3a4
Clayton Brown
Managing Director
Clayton has a background in electrical contracting specialising in home and building automation. As an early adopter of home automation in Australia, he has worked extensively with most of the systems available. Completing his training over 20 years ago, Clayton has spent the last 10 years introducing KNX to the Australian Market. He has keen passion for his work and the electrical industry, and the ability to grasp new technology, adapting it to clients’ needs.
Simon e46eb2fea23b52ead0d87d6c067677346f78406d67d7db7b45c5e3a5c040bb32
Simon Harvey
Sales Executive
Simon is a qualified electrical contractor with over 20 years experience installing and programming home automation systems that are still common in the industry today. Before Ivory Egg he was installing KNX and worked for an international manufacturer for over 10 years. He is a certified KNX tutor and has a strong passion for innovation and support. When he is not working, he can be found enjoying the water and family time.