On the 20th of May our warehouse will be undertaking a stock take. 

We will not be able to dispatch on this day but are still able to accept orders as normal.


Progressive Solutions

JUNG products and systems are appreciated worldwide because they represent reliability and high quality. With their commitment to production in Germany, JUNG focuses on sustainable development and manufacturing processes that incorporate precise processing and exceptional design. 

The full JUNG range is available to view at the Clerkenwell Showroom in London, Monday through Friday and by appointment only, to ensure a truly bespoke experience. 

JUNG is a premium supplier of modern building technology for lighting, blinds, air conditioning, energy, security, door communication and multimedia. Solutions from JUNG form the skillful bridge between future-proof building technology and aesthetic design.

Developing well-crafted products is both a tradition and a driving force at JUNG, where the connection between aesthetic design and the sensuality of materials creates a unified whole. Over many decades, the Company has proven its specialist know-how in metalworking, creating switch designs in genuine metal, matte and lacquered aluminium finishes, stainless steel blasted with glass beads, brushed brass, chrome and gold-plated metal.

Supplier Comment

As a major supplier of KNX products, JUNG is specified on residential projects, and large commercial and residential systems. The complexity of some systems is such that the distributor needs to provide excellent technical support to their customer and this is something at which Ivory Egg excels.  Graham Oliver, JUNG UK 

Ivory Egg Comment

The history and experience of JUNG is plain to see in their products with beautiful designs and intelligent engineering. The UK team is committed to supporting the market as evidenced by their Central London showroom where you can get hands on with their extensive range of products. As the leading supplier of JUNG in the UK, it is fantastic to see their commitment to building intelligence and market-leading design.
JUNG logo

Jung History

When Albrecht Jung founded his company in 1912, three things were important to him: progress, quality and design. These principles have characterised JUNG to date and can be experienced in all parts of the company. "Progress as tradition" is an attitude and at the same time a commitment to constant new thinking. A commitment to the development of ideas that create something new, for easier use, better functionality, more attractive appearance and more customer-friendly service. This motivates and unites everyone at JUNG, every day.

Superior Design and Technology

Jung design ranges KNX

LS1912 Series

Since 1912, JUNG have produced the LS1912 range of toggle switches.

Energy Savings in Buildings

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