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Product Guide

Multitouch Basalte Sentido Keypads

The Basalte Sentido keypads have a unique multitouch function, which can be used to bring the lights on or off in a room by simply touching more than one surface at the same time.

However, the Sentido is much more advanced than just a simple on/off function. It is possible to configure the multitouch button to control almost anything.

Edge1 bit object which can be turned on, off or toggled on the push or release of the button.
Switching1 bit switching or one touch dimming with long press for brighter/darker.
Shift Register1 byte value sent with an increasing or decreasing value. Long press can be used to reset the value.
1 Byte Value1 byte value set to specific values on short and long press.
Motor ControlBlind, screen or motor control. Can be used to step and move with short and long press.
Single Press Motor ControlBlind, screen or motor control. Simplified functionality to open and close with a short press.
Room ToggleCan be used to turn a room on/off, scene on + scene off or scene on + off. A day/night object can be used to change the configured response e.g. to call a different scene in the evening when light levels are lower.
Room Toggle + Single Press Motor ControlAs a room toggle but the long press can be used to control blinds or curtains.
Room Toggle + Scene SequencerAs a room toggle but the long press can be used to select up to 4 scenes.
Room Toggle + General On/Off/SceneAs a room toggle but the long press can send an additional on, off or scene.
RGB Toggle + RGB SequencerShort press will toggle between a fixed RGB colour and off. Long press will cycle through RGB colours on the status LED then send the colour when released.

When any of the room toggle functions are set, 8 status objects are made visible. By assigning the feedback status from each circuit in the room, the keypad will update the status of the multitouch when any other devices are used to control the lights. This ensures the keypad will always perform the correct action and not try to turn the lights off when it should be calling a scene to in fact turn them on.

Basalte Sentido Multi-function parameters
Drop down with the multi touch options

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