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Product Guide

Steinel HPD 2 KNX Commissioning Tips

The Steinel HPD 2 KNX requires two levels of programming, one via a network connection, the other via the KNX bus using ETS.

Network Connection

Via this connection you can configure the detection zones, enable KNX programming mode, update firmware and change network settings.

At the front bottom of the device there is a USB connection which uses the RNDIS protocol. Once you have connected the device to your computer, enter Network and Device settings. Find the RNDIS connection, enter the settings and change the TCP/IPV4 to a static IP using the following details.

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet:
  • Default Gateway:
  • DNS:

These settings will allow you to connect to the HPD 2 KNX which has a static address of

Once the setting are saved, you can access the HPD2 KNX via a browser using the static address of

HPD 2 KNX Network Settings

Alternatively, a USB to ethernet network adaptor can be used in which case the device will be on a static address of

ETS Settings

Different functions of the device can be enable in ETS such as constant light control for each zone, humidity and temperature calibration and threshold commands based on the total number of people detected.

The HPD 2 KNX is configured in ETS in the normal way however the above network connection is the only way to enable programming mode on the device to allocate the KNX individual address.

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